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Poetry Appreciation - 'The Convergence of the Twain' by Thomas Hardy

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Poetry Appreciation 'The Convergence of the Twain' by Thomas Hardy tells us about the sinking of the so-called "unsinkable" ship called the Titanic. When he first describes the ship he explains The 'Titanic' resting alone and still away from people. Here is an extraction from when he describes the ship, "Deep from human vanity, and the pride of life that planned her, stilly couches she." He not only describes her on her voyage but also the life inside the ship. Here is an extract from the second paragraph describing the ship inside "Over the mirrors meant To Glass the opulent" This means that mirrors are only for the rich. This poem is one of those long, descriptive poems. ...read more.


Here is an example "bleared and black and blind." This describes that the jewels now have no sparkle or shine. Thomas Hardy's poem is extremely descriptive. By that I mean he uses a lot of detail apart from the last paragraph. Here are some extracts "Alien they seemed to be: No mortal eye could see." "Of her salamandrine fires." "The sea-worm crawls- grotesque, slimed an dumb." "The intimate welding of their later history" The poem takes us back into time of the disaster of the 'Titanic'. He explains the poem carefully and slowly. The surface meaning, he first describes the ship going on her voyage, and then slowly adding in small, horrible things. After that he tells us that the ship is awaiting fait. Here is an extractof what I mean "The immanent will that stirs and urges everything." ...read more.


Also I liked the idea of him bringing the ice-berg and the ship closer together. Here is an extract "And as the smart ship grew in stauture, grace and hue, In shadowy silent distance grew the Iceberg too." And here is another one about the iceberg and the ship "On being anon twin halves of one august event." They both tell us that the ship and ice-berg were destined for each other to crash in a horrible event. But I did not like the ending. It was not particularly exciting or descriptive. He could have used more suspense and telling us what happened to the people. I liked that he told us the story in a short, poem way. But if he were to write the full length version then it would be pages long. All in all, it was a good poem but lacked a few things which I have already told you. Olivia dueser ...read more.

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