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Poetry Comparison - Blessing & Hurricane

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Poetry Comparison Essay Hurricane Hits England This is a poem written by a Caribbean poet named Grace Nichols. It shows what it means to her as a black women living in England, and she tells us how the Caribbean merges with the English hurricane. The structure of this poem is made up of 8 stanzas consisting of varying lengths. The poem is written mostly in free verse - there is no rhyme scheme; stanzas vary in length, as do the lines, though the first line in the poem is a perfect parameter. In the first stanza of the poem it is written in 3rd person, but most of the other parts of the poem are written in 1st person. In the 4th line of the first stanza, Grace Nichols uses a metaphor in the sentence "The howling ship of the wind". She then talks about it being "like some dark ancestral spectre". She is trying to say it is like a family ghost which she is familiar with and most of her family have experienced in the Caribbean. She then uses the words "Fearful and reassuring" at first looking at these two words they don't go together, but what the poet is doing is, she is using an oxymoron and a paradox and what she is trying to say is that she is petrified of the hurricane, but at the same time it still reminds her of home and she is reassured and also the storm reminded her of where she came from and it helps her to realise that the same force is at work in England. ...read more.


by this is that she has been frozen by being away from her own country so that the arrival of the hurricane can help 'break the ice' and allow her to live more comfortably in her new surroundings. The poet also uses sound to enhance the poem by echoing certain phrases. For example in the 7th stanza she uses "I am aligning", "I am following", "I am riding". The echoes create rhythmtic pattern and adds a musical voice to the poem. Also the tone the poet uses is in a grateful way. Blessing This poem written by an Indian poet named Imtiaz Dharker. In this poem Imtiaz Dharker shows how something so simple as water can cause such an astonishing reaction. It tells us what it is like to be without water, and shows what it is like to suddenly have water. Because the part of India where Imtiaz Dharker is from is called Dharavi on the outskirts of Bombay there is a lack of water and temperatures could rise up to 40 degrees. The Poem is structured in to 4 stanzas of different lengths. The poet uses short stanzas to tell us what it is like to be without water and longer stanza show what it is like to suddenly have water. The word blessing which is used for the title is used as a metaphor to try and say water is like a blessing. ...read more.


This is also a religious connotation. The central theme & idea in this poem is that water is so essential to life and it comes to be seen as supremely precious and a divine gift to those people living in hot, dry countries. The images the poet portrays are of the dry split land and of the glistening silver water. Comparison There are many things which are different in this poem one thing is the structure of the two poems. They are different because the structure for hurricane hits England is made up of 8 stanzas, consisting of varying lengths and the poem is written mostly in free verse - there is no rhyme scheme; stanzas vary in length, as do the lines. Now Blessing is completely different because the Poem is structured in to 4 stanzas of different lengths, the poet uses short stanzas to tell us what it is like to be without water and longer stanza show what it is like to suddenly have water. However one thing similar is that there are certain stanzas which refer to specific people or things for example in blessing stanza 3 refers to 'men women and children only and in stanza 4 it just focuses on the children only. In hurricane hits England in the 6th stanza she talks about herself not about the hurricane and also in the first stanza she writes it in 3rd person which the reader is being introduced to the woman and the rest of the poem is written in first person about a firsthand knowledge of a woman experiencing a hurricane. ...read more.

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