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Poetry coursework- Simon Armitage explore how both men are presented in Simon Amitages poem(TM) and his untitled poem

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Poetry coursework- Simon Armitage explore how both men are presented in Simon Amitages 'poem' and his untitled poem I will be evaluating and studying two poems named 'Poem' and 'Untitled'. In the poem, which is called 'Poem', we observe a man committing good and also bad deeds. We also make out the same theme in the untitled poem but just concentrating on one bad deed that he had committed in is life. Within 'Poem' we see that the man has committed three terrible deeds. He had first slippered his daughter for lying, secondly he had had punched his wife for laughing, thirdly he had twice taken 'ten quid' from his mother's purse when he was little. There is also a rhythm that goes until the last stanza as it goes good, good, good, bad this carries on until the fourth stanza. "And once, for laughing, punched her in the face." (Line 8) We see that punching your wife is the worst thing that you could ever do in your life, we also notice that the word 'once' has played a repetition in this poem .By the word 'once' this tells us that once he has done something dreadful to some one, they do not happen to do the same mistake again and also it shows that he only did it once not twice. In the poem, which is identified as 'Untitled', we see a straightforward poem in which a young boy tries to proclaim his love for a girl by branding a ring mark on her fingers in a chemistry lab. ...read more.


'Poem', it is very surprising that the sonnet form is used in this poem as the reader at the end of the poem is left with hatred due to what the character in the poem has done We observe that in 'poem' we see a lot of ambiguous language throughout the whole poem. If we refer to the first, second and third stanza we see he uses ambiguous language. "And slippered her one time that she lied" (Line 4) This shows that this man was a bad father for slippering his daughter, but then we see that he says 'one time that she lied' these words change our thoughts and we then think that he is not a bad father but he had only done it once and she has learned what she had done wrong overall this show that he is teaching his daughter good and bad in society. When we look back at 'Untitled' we see a lot of descriptive language as in ambiguous language so we see that he uses this type of language to have an affect on the reader. As we look back at 'Untitled' we see He "played the handles" of the scissors as if it was a game. An example in this poem of Armitage's ambiguous language is: the "naked lilac flame". The two different meanings I have discovered are, the flame is unprotected and can do damage, and the boy may have been thinking of a naked girl. ...read more.


We see that the man is still alive and asking for forgiveness of what he had committed in his past life. In both poems we see that they are both different from each other and have different stories from each other. The conclusion at the end of both poems shows them or someone else, summing up their lives or past happenings. The person that reads 'Poem' does not give him enough praise for the good things he has done and judge him by his mistakes, 'sometimes he did this, sometimes he did that', even though the good deeds should overrule the bad things. The summarising of 'Untitled' is packed with regret and forgiveness to be asked for, and that it was his age that made him act the way he did. This shows that he had an excuse for his actions; while in 'Poem' he should have no excuse because he should have known what he was doing was wrong because he was older and wiser and he was married and had a daughter. Both poems show that no one is perfect and that humans behave instinctively towards love and relationships and build on that to produce something more, i.e. the marriage proposal. And that humans thrive on love and attention and that they need to be wanted, but when they do something good they are put down for something wrong they have done. It shows that life is life and it can be plain and boring therefore making it predictable and the outcomes known. Rehan Saeed ?? ?? ?? ?? English coursework Rehan Saeed English coursework 11.2DC 1 ...read more.

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