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Poetry Essay an Essay Comparing Porphyrias Lover, With My Last Duchess.

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Poetry Essay An essay comparing Porphyrias Lover, with My Last Duchess. Looking at the titles, you can tell immediately that both of the poems are from a mans point of view, but about a woman. They are not about Porphyria or the Duchess like the title might suggest initially, they are about the mans feelings for them. You get the impression from Porphyrias Lover that her lover is an object, which she can just reject; only her lover and nothing else, there are no more feelings in that. It also sounds like she is having an affair - which she is as it becomes more obvious later on in the poem In a way this is similar to My Last Duchess - there's not much feeling in that either, you get the impression that he collects the duchesses like they are object of desire, and just gets bored of them and in a way throws them out - My LAST Duchess - sounds as if he has had a lot of them, and she was nothing more special compared to the others. Both the poets set the scene - in porphyrias lover he describes the weather - and it makes it sound really mysterious and different - 'the rain set early tonight, the sullen wind was soon awake, it tore the elm tops down for spite', which gives you an urge to carry on reading the poem to see what the rest of it is like. ...read more.


They kill to get what they want and when they want it, they are in control. In My Last Duchess he puts her on the wall behind a curtain to control who sees her and when. Even though she is dead, he still hates her and resents her so the curtain could be there also to block her out of his life he wants, or to let her back in when he likes. The whole poem is about control, which also is shown by the way it is written- in couplets. The couplets give the poem a very regular, and orderly feel - in control that is just like him. In Porphyrias lover he wants to control her feelings - when she finally does love him he kills her to control the fact that she does love him and she always will whereas if she were still alive she would stop loving him and he would have no control over that. The way the lover killed her in porphyrias lover is very sudden, and unexpected when you are reading it - the start of the poem sounds like everything is fine and suddenly, he kills her. We don't expect that to happen because everything was going so well before, and why would he want to spoil it? But as you read on, it becomes clear. It is slightly different in My Last Duchess, because in that one it seems to be further in the past, like its history but in Porphyrias Lover it seems more recent, so it is more sudden. ...read more.


to me that he cant be pleased by anything - none of his duchesses had pleased him - and he must have had a lot of them so that gives the impression he cant be pleased by any, and he never will be pleased. Going back to the title, you get the impression that he collects the duchesses - people collect dolls so he could think of it like he is collecting dolls and soon gets bored and throws then away. Also, the way he describes her smiling all the time, her expression almost not changing for anything, even seeing him, which sounds a bit like a doll because dolls cant change their expressions they are fixed in a smile. Which then leads to the picture - in the painting she is fixed in a smile just like when she was alive - he has a curtain there to cover it up. In Porphyrias Lover in line 43, he describes her as a bee; 'as a shut bud that holds a bee' - a bee stings and then dies, which could be like her - she hurt him, so now she must die, just like a bee. Then on line 44, he says he 'warily oped her lids; again', which almost sounds like he is afraid of what they will look like - he is afraid that they wont be what he wants to be, but when he does they are, and is happy for this 'laughed at the blue eyes without a stain'. ...read more.

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