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Poetry from other cultures.

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Theme: Poetry from other cultures. Texts: John Agard and Moniza Alvi. Task: John Agard 'in 'Half Caste' and Moniza Alvi in 'Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan' both deal with the issues of being born of mixed marriages. 'Half Caste' and 'Half English'. Write about the different ways in which the past explore what this means to them. John Agard and Moniza Alvi have two different attitudes in there poetry about there mixed racial backgrounds. John Agard uses a very proud attitude as on the hand Moniza Alvi is very unsure about her personal identity. It is not just there attitude towards there mixed background but there style of there written poetry is also different. Through examining the text and reading the poem it is clear that they are two different people with very different approaches to life. ...read more.


John Agard starts with a loud apologetic start, "Excuse me". By this apologetic start it has strong meaning, he is saying what people expect of him because he is 'half caste, people expect him to apologise for being who he is. He says also 'standing on one leg I'm half caste' which says that as he is of mixed origin he is not right; he is only half a real person, when that is not true. The strong start gets you into the swing of the poem and you know how strong it is going to be. Being racist towards him, for being 'half caste', stupid as if you look at every thing in the world, everything is nearly 'half caste', "yu mean Tchaikovsky sit down at dah piano an mix a black key wid a white is a half caste symphony" by using examples of famous people who are one ...read more.


The ending of the poem is a lot more serious it stops the humour to get the message across. It talks about 'purity' and how someone is only half a person because they are half caste, Agard attacks this idea of purity. John Agard use comic use of absurd analogies such as 'half caste weather/half, 'de other half of me story'. These Examples that he uses it is challenging for himself provocative responding to annoyance, he proves that he is as good or better then Tchaikovsky or Picasso. John Agard uses lower case letters to show common humanity, he also uses his own spelling and punctuation this show he is very proud of him self. John Agard is very proud of whom he is and makes a direct mockery of people who say that he is not 'pure' so he is not as good as other people. John Agard attacks there theory and he also 'hits home' an important message. ...read more.

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