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Poetry from other cultures

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Poetry from other cultures: A comparison Theme/Tone The first poem Blessing is an ode to water. It celebrates the significance of water, but also express grief for the lack of water. "There is never enough water" Blessing shows the desperation of water in third world countries, As water is plentiful at the start, and the adults try frantically to capture it but in contrast the children express joy at the water." And Naked Children Screaming in the liquid sun" Ogun is a poem about someone's uncle who is carpenter and how modern world has destroyed his livelihood. It celebrates the Carpenters work but mentions how tragic it is that how the western society prefer modern day instant, cheap woodwork, compared to the beauty of handcrafted wood. An Old woman is about an elderly women who is a beggar clings onto this man, who thinks she's a nuisance as she wont leave him alone. The poem changes tone in the middle when the women's remark moves the man and he begins to feel sorry for the woman, and the difficulty she has to go through to survive. All three poems are sad and reflective. ...read more.


In The Old woman the poem is divided into two very definite halves, pivotingthe middle stanza is significant to the meaning to the poem because it changes the man's attitude towards the old woman. The placing of the words in speech marks, instead of using reported speech at the start, shows their impact and makes the man realize the difficulty the woman has to go through and her voice makes him feel sorry for her. Poem has a formal structure in triplets (three-line stanzas). Although each poem has a different structure, each seems to unravel its story in sections which involves the pace of the sentences changing. Language Blessing uses Onomatopoeias and sensory phrases to get the reader to imagine the water, "the small splash, echoes in a tin mug." The tone and pace of the poem changes from line 7. There is more enjambment used to create a sense of noise and activity. The language used in Ogun is very descriptive; there are a lot of adjectives. There is a direct comparison between the work of the carpenter and the work of modern world machines. The poet has pride in describing his uncle's work, smoothing, shone, wood caught fire." ...read more.


Poverty is also shown in an old woman the poem tells the story of a beggar chasing people desperate for money. Personal Response I think each of the three poems come with a meaning behind them. I find them very touching as they make you reflect on how lucky we are in a western world compared to those who are less fortunate. This is particularly significant in Blessing where the people are overwhelmed by the sight of water, this teaches us not to take water for granted, but see it as a "gift". Ogun almost makes the reader feel guilty, knowing about these craftsmen who make their livelihood from selling their wood work, but modern consumer society prefers to go for cheaper goods. The poet demonstrates his admiration and affection for the beautiful crafted furniture produced, and I think this is relevant to me as a reader as I would not normally consider the amount of work and detail that goes into making such furniture. An Old woman is again directed at the readers, it is telling us how lots of people have dismissive attitudes to older people and find them insignificant. I think the poem helps people to realize the hardship old people have to go through, and the poem can change someones attitude towards them. ...read more.

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