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Poetry from other cultures - a study of 'Search for my tongue', 'Half-caste' and 'Presents from my aunts in Pakistan'.

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Poetry from other cultures This essay is about three poems ,which are 'Search for my tongue','Half-caste' and 'Presents from my aunts in Pakistan'. These peoms are from people who are from other cultures, or of mixed races. There are many difficulties that people may experience if they are from another country or culture, or they are not white or of mixed race. The first problem would be not fitting in. A person may not fit if their culture and clothes are different to everyone elses or if their skin isn't the same colour as everyone as everyone elses.People from other countries or of a mixed race or who dont have white skin can experience other very serious problems.A person from another culture may get racially assaulted, or bullied by another person of another culture,This is a serious crime nowadays.Somone may harm a person of another race because he/she feels that they shouldn't be different or, that he/she doesn't know much about the culture or religion.Another problem that was triumphed over years ago was feeling second class or inferior to everyone else.This isn't a ...read more.


What she means by these choice of words, is that she does not want to forget her mothertongue, she has realised it is virtually impossible, and she does not want to loose her memories. When she thinks she has lost her mothertongue, she is relieved when Indian words pop out of her mouth. The second poem which i studied was "half-caste". This poem tone is very different from the first poem. The poet John Agard is very sarcastic and demanding in this poem. Agard is like this in this poem because he doesn't like being called a "half-caste". He believes that being called this is very ignorant, just because he is of mixed race. He belives being called this ranks him second class. The word "half-caste" originates from the cast systems, where you were put in order of how you lived and wealth. Agard uses retoricle questioning many times throughout the poem. These are some of the questions he asked:- "excuse me", "explain yuself", "wha you mean". ...read more.


Even in her own living room she feels that she is wearng Alienware, Alim even pretends to her schoolfriend that she doesn,t like her own clothes. Alim feels that she does not belong to England or Pakistan because, in England she looks different to everyone else and she doesn,t feel accepted in Pakistan because she lacks belongings. Almi wishes that she could try and remember Pakistan when she was a baby. This poem is similar to the other two I told you about because they,re all about people from mixed rece, who have great difficulty fitting in with their surrounding people. This poem can also differ from the other poem because she actually enjoys her original culture unlike the others. Their ways to solve these problems is to solve the problem of feeling uncomfortable wearing different things as other people are to simply feel proud of how you look and your culture. If people are laughing at you because you are different and they don,t understand what you are wearing then tell them why you look that way and explain you culture and beliefs. People often laugh at different laugh and stare, because they are unsure of the culture. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

This essay is well structured as it looks at three poems in order. More contextual knowledge is needed, ie. more biographies of the poets.
There are lapses in expression which make the meaning unclear in places and more language analysis using terminology is needed.

Marked by teacher Katie Dixon 10/05/2013

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