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porphrias lover and my last duchess

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The two poems 'Porphyria's Lover' and 'My Last Duchess' are both written by Robert Browning. Love is portrayed in different forms. 'Porphyria's Lover' is about two lovers secretly meeting/having an affair. There are many different emotions being expressed such as; jealousy, obsession, vulnerable, love. Whereas 'My last Duchess' is about a married couple who aren't in love, they are the duke and duchess. The emotions exposed in the poem are; jealousy, doubt, obsession, mistrustfulness. However there are also similarities between the two poems such as, both of the male characters (narrators) kill the female lover for their different yet personal reasons. 'Porphyria's lover' is a narrative poem about an obsessive lover who kills to immortalise their love. 'give herself to me forever' this quote shows that porphyria wanted to give herself to him forever. Furthermore the quote is not a speech from her which means he thinks that she wants him to have her. 'My Last Duchess' is about a cruel, possessive man who grows jealous of his wife's behaviour leading him to arrange her murder. ...read more.


The use of long stanzas without any pauses builds tension for the reader, 'porphyria's lover' leads to an unexpected ending as porphyria is killed. Whereas the ending in 'my last duchess' isn't as shocking because the duchess is already dead. In 'Porphyria's lover' the rhyme scheme is ABABB which shows that the narrator speaks very well; he is articulate which conveys the reader to believe him the complicated and sophisticated rhyme scheme can also relate to his psychosis. The only use of punctuation other than the use of full stop and comma is an exclamation mark, which is in the last line that expresses the lover hasn't done the wrong thing by killing porphyria as 'god has not said a word!' the use of the exclamation mark indicates strong feelings or high volume. In 'my last duchess' the rhyme scheme is AABB which is less complicated in structure the narrator speaks in a more straightforward way causing the reader to sympathize and also covers the truth. There are several different punctuations used in the poem such as full stop, comma, colon, semi colon, exclamation mark, question mark and brackets. ...read more.


He assassinated her because he thought she was too appreciative 'too easily impressed...she liked wate'er' she was happy with life and had no regrets, she appreciated every little thing e.g. when someone gave her a gift 'she thanked men...as if she ranked my gift of a nine hundred year old name with anybody's gift' the quote expresses that the royal name he gave to her, she cherished it the same as any other gift. He also thought that rather than telling her that he doesn't like it she should learn it herself. 'Herself be lessoned' he believes that she should know what he wants and not. Both of Robert Browning's poems portray love in different ways. The type of love portrayed in the poems in 'Porphyria's Lover' the emotions being expressed such as; jealousy, obsession, vulnerable, love. Whereas in 'My Last Duchess' the emotions exposed in the poem are; jealousy, doubt, obsession. I think that the poet was not successful in his approach as the emotions had to be figured and guessed. I think Robert Browning should've made the poem less of a puzzle. However the language used by the writer is effective in both poems as the justifications of the characters are more believable. ...read more.

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