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Portray a story of tension - English Coursework

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It was pitch black and Zoe was left all alone to venture the flooded basement on her own. Without knowing Tony's basement too well, she wasn't sure where to look for the main power supply and soon found herself in an impossible situation. Water was constantly flooding in through the tiny grating at the top of the room, leading from the room above, which Zoe guessed was the dining room. "Can you guys still hear me?" yelled Zoe at the top of her voice, which was surprisingly loud. No reply from the others was heard, infact, the only sounds Zoe could hear were her own breathing and the splash of water as it collided with the rest of the water that had already flooded half of the basement. Zoe panicked now as she struggled to move through the water, she was beginning to regret volunteering to attempt to switch the power back on, but she was a good swimmer, so she figured she'd be alright. ...read more.


Zoe was oblivious to the fact that lots of blood was pumping out of the core of her skull and seeping through the torn flesh on top of her red scalp. She pounded the power supply box with her hands, which soon managed to break the door off of the power box. Zoe couldn't see what she was doing but found a switch that booted the main power on, light filled the basement and Zoe sighed with relief. Her joy was short lived as she saw the water level rising at a rapid speed and her body surrounded in blood, her blood. "Oh no! Ahh, my head!" Zoe uttered in pain as she swam towards the basement door, she could hear the others moving what sounded like a rather heavy piece of furniture away from the door which Zoe presumed was what was preventing her escape. ...read more.


Tony and Jason finally moved the heavy furniture, which was a large grandfather clock that Zoe passed on to Tony when she moved from her old house, away from the basement door. It had fallen before gradually being lifted up by the water and floating along the floor. The sight was disturbing, Zoe's corpse floated belly down towards the basement door as it rose with the water, the irony was unbelievable, Zoe's clock prevented Zoe's escape, if only she hadn't given Tony that clock, she may still be alive now. The thought of them not being able to move Zoe out of the basement due to the electricity was heart breaking, Jason quickly shut the door and left Zoe in there to float. Jason and Tony walked back towards the others in the conservatory, tear in their eyes, preparing themselves to pass on the disturbing news. This was the worst pain they'd ever feel. ...read more.

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