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Possible ending to Stone Cold.

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English essay possible ending to Stone Cold 'Gail, I'm absolutely devastated that the law didn't take us seriously. After all, this could be a murder inquiry. Why didn't they arrest him? Why didn't they search the whole house? What is wrong with people today?' Gail shrugged. 'There has to be an explanation for Ginger and Toya's disappearance, people just don't vanish into thin air. That old bloke definitely has something to do with it. Captain Hook is a good judge of character and he is suspicious.' I nodded. 'Tomorrow we will start our own murder inquiry. We'll try and nail the guy ourselves. There are loads of street kids around London with little or nothing to do everyday, we'll pass the word around about what's been happening and get them all together to help us.' 'Yes' said Link. 'First of all we need a plan of attack. We need to work in pairs for safety, we need people to watch the front of the flat people to follow his every move.' The next day we spread the word around and the response was tremendous. Ginger and Toya were popular among these people and the thought of anything bad happening to them sickened people. We had a team of sixteen kids all eager to get started on the surveillance. The one thing we all had in common was plenty of time and we were going to put it to good use. ...read more.


I cried out 'Tuesday night we are going to break into his flat and search it. We know he will be at the pub getting drunk so we will have at least two hours. We'll get a camera and photograph anything that can be used against him.' We go to the flat at 8:00pm knowing that he had left by now. We went around to the back door and prised open the lock with a plastic card. Living on the streets did have some advantages. On entering the flat we were scared to death. We look into the lounge and we had a creepy shiver going through us. It was a weird room. One wall was covered with newspaper cuttings about homeless kids, down and outs and army stuff and we quickly photographed what we could. This place had a strange smell and it was very tatty. There was a carpet in the middle of the room and it was rolled up on the edges. We pulled it back a bit and noticed that the floorboards had been tampered with. There were screws missing and the boards were loose. We were terrified at this point and Gail said 'We've got to get out of here now.' Daily Routine Orders 16 I'm not having a laugh now, I'm very ill tempered and frustrated and my head hurts. ...read more.


I nodded 'I'll do it.' 'Right' he whispered. 'Meet me here a nine o clock tonight and I'll give you the parcel.' 'We've got him', Gail screamed. 'We must go straight to the Fuzz and make them listen to us.' We went back to Albany Street Police station and this time they actually listened to us. We gave them our camera and we told them to check the Police surveillance film for Park Street and they would see our serial killer. Later that day Shelter was arrested and the bodies were recovered. Gail and I were helping the police with their enquiries and in return we were housed by the DSS. Six months later, Shelter got life imprisonment. What a relief! Daily Routine Orders 17 Life Huh! They won't be keeping me here long. I've still got to sort out that Link. He may think that he's safe but I'll get him in the end. I don't know what all these doctors are doing around me, there's nothing wrong with me. I'm the only one with any sense, cleaning out society. Nobody bothers me in here, nobody looks at me, and nobody talks to me. That's fine! I don't go in for socialising, it's a waste of time. I've got a lot of work to do now, plans have to be made. I need to get out as soon as possible because my job still needs to be done. ...read more.

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