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post1970 english

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Exploring the ways in which O'casey shows the suffering of women in 'Juno and the paycock'. This is set during the civil war in Ireland in the 20's, I think O'casey set his play during this time because it was a time relevant to him because he lived in Ireland during this time. O'casey's life is similar to his characters in this play because like the characters he grew up in the poverty striken part of Ireland, he also had a hard life llike the characters because of ill health and poor eyesight. Like Mary in the play O'casey had to learn through classic books to get an education because with his eye disease he didn't go to school. I believe that O'casey has a lot of sympathy and respect for women because he understands the hard life women had because he was raised by his mother after his father died. The play was set 1922-33 during the Irish civil war, this was a difficult time for women especially Mothers because they had a hard time by being expected to do all the housework and looking after the husbands and because of the civil war, many of their sons or husbands died, fighting. The title 'Juno and the paycock' is relevant to the play because Juno is an ancient goddess of the home and hearth like Mrs Boyle and paycock ...read more.


I think if Mrs Boyle knew about Robbie Tancerd's death she would be shocked and ashamed like the rest of the neighbours because she thought Johnny had left the war alone and Robbie Tancred was also a neighbour and neighbours were close so they would all feel the same. I think the Boyle family symbolises the societies divide during the civil war because like the war families would spit and end up fighting each other over there valuses and beliefs like they Boyles when later in the play it becomes apparent when Mary becomes pregnant and the men side against Mary and her mother sides with Mary. Later in the play after Johnny's death Juno and Mary face more despair as the realisation that Johnny was a Diehard and feels pains like Mrs Tancreds feelings earlier in the play ' to the pains I'll suffer carrin you out o the world'. Mary is a complex character because at the beginning of the play it gives the impression of her being vain because it says 'arranging her hair in a tiny mirror' but it also tells us even though she seems vain she has brains because she reads classic novels, Mary is the only one in the family who has a chance to escape the poor life. ...read more.


to her so she takes his gramophone because she realises Boyle has been acting and is driven to desperation through his selfish stupidity to get her blanket which she pawned but she was getting cold so she wanted the money back. Near the end of the play Mrs Madigan hears the news about them finding a body resembling Johnny and has the awful task of telling Juno this is because the live in cramped conditions families staying in the tenements are close to each other. Mrs Tancred is the Mother of Robbie who Johnny betrayed and ended up dieing. In the play we hear about her more than what we see her this tells us she is staying away from people because she is depressed and in mourning. The part were she shows anger for the grief for her sons death on page 42, the stage should be dull to show the grief then there should be a light that shines on the people when they say an angry or aggressive part to emphasis the anger. This play is based on hardship and poverty on the women who struggle to keep their families whilst it shows the independence men have an dhow they abuse this by acting selfishly and irresponsibly. Though out the play the characters suggest that even religion appears to of deserted them and leave them in abject despair ...read more.

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