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Poverty Article. How much do you know about it? What can you do to Help?

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Poverty How much do you know about it? Over 50% of the world lives in poverty. Isn't this devastating? There are many meanings to the word "poverty." Many of us relate it to the thought of homeless people living on streets or to people living in harsh conditions without money of food. We all have our own opinions, but what really is poverty? Is it what the majority of us think of? Or is it just simply the state of being poor? The word "poverty" has many meanings and definitions. ...read more.


Poverty can be seen, and also not seen. For example, in some parts of the world you can clearly see people suffering in poverty, some people may be homeless; some might even be suffering from illness that can not be cured due to lack of money. However, some types of poverty can not be seen. For example, pensioners like Mrs Pankania have to make a decisions between buying enough to eat to being warm in the winter. This is because some pensioners have a low pension and can't enjoy luxuries like us. How would you feel if you had to make a decision between warmth and food? ...read more.


2.) Make your own charity box. Find an old jar that's NOT being used and write in bold words- CHARITY! Tell your friends and family to put old change into to it and you shall slowly notice that the amount in the jar show slowly increase. 3.) As said in tip 2, make a charity box, but this time give one to a brother or sister and have a race to see who can fill their charity box the quickest. "Hopefully these tips will help those in poverty- and make their lives a better place" By Uzair Janjua ...read more.

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