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Power and Authority. Language analysis of The Junior Apprentice transcript.

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´╗┐There are many different ways that power and authority can affect spoken language. Spoken language is the way someone speaks and changes from person to person with various factors such as age, gender and occupation influencing the way they speak. Furthermore, the situation the speaker is in will also influence their spoken language. The Junior Apprentice transcript, which will be analysed in this essay, is set in a boardroom with a business-like atmosphere. This is evident through the use of jargon by various people within the boardroom, examples being the use of ?profit?, ?project manager? and ?revenue?. Due to the formal setting, the candidates try to be well spoken and try to use Standard English. There is one person who is the authoritative figure head, Lord Sugar. Firstly, one feature of spoken language that was affected by power and authority was the formality of the language used by the members of the boardroom. Jordan, the project manager for this particular task, was very formal using words such as ?primarily? and not using any informal words. His formal tone is also evident in the fact that he did not use any elisions and contractions. This may be because he knew he was in the line of fire and was trying to show that he was not nervous and was confident in the points he was trying to get across. Moreover, he may be trying to get across that he is more mature than the rest of the group. ...read more.


This is the difference between the two uses of jargon in the transcript. Someone with power will try to use jargon to consolidate the power they have, while someone without power will use it to try and gain power. The public perception of someone who uses jargon is that the person using it is eloquent and academic. Therefore, this will render the speaker as an authoritative person. The transcript gave us further insight into how much power and authority Lord Sugar has through his spoken language. This can be seen when changes his formality during the boardroom scene. He started off by saying ?right gentlemen? ? which is said in a very firm tone as evident by the audio-visual. This is very formal and straight away shows his authority to the candidates as it is assertive and can seem aggressive. It automatically puts him in charge head and allows him to take control of the conversation. Furthermore, it can be said that Lord Sugar is looking at the candidates as equals and expects them to act like business men. He expects them to be responsible for the actions they did during the actual task. As the scene progresses, the viewer can see a shift in the formality. Lord Sugar starts using more informal words such as ?y?know? and ?headless chickens?. This is then followed by more formal words such as ?delegating responsibilities?. ...read more.


This can be seen by the fact that lord sugar uses none of these. As the candidates do not have as much power, they are not confident, are tentative and anxious. The public perception of the use of someone who has these factors in their spoken language may be that the person is not very confident in themselves, and therefore lack power and authority. To sum up this essay, the listener can see that power and authority can shape the way an individual speaks. Numerous spoken language techniques were used to try and manipulate who had power in the boardroom and those who were left vulnerable and weak. A speaker can exploit spoken language in various ways. Lord sugar used it to consolidate his power, while the candidates were trying to use it to try and gain power and authority. Social status also affects how much power and authority a person has, as someone who has a higher rank will be naturally respects, therefore command more power. If I was in this situation, I would try to maintain a formal and fluent speech. Furthermore, I would try to be relaxed and think of my answers beforehand, so I do not make any false starts or contractions. Jargon will also be used in my speech. Furthermore to conclude, power and authority shapes spoken language in many ways such as someone who is in power will be more relaxed and be more fluent in their speech . ...read more.

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