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Power and exploitation - examples from "Animal farm" and the film "The Big Steal".

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Social power includes the ability to control and influence which is ultimately used for personal benefits. Having influence others means being able to make decisions and it makes easier to favour themselves who are with those power. Human-beings want to improve their circumstances and when the authority reaches to influence others, they just abuse it for their own benefits. In 'Animal Farm', this is clearly shown with the pigs. The windmill represents the pigs' manipulation of the other animals for their own gain. Although food and warmth are needed immediately, the pigs exploit the other animals and Boxer by persuading them to work to build the windmill. The pigs manipulates the other animals by announcing that the first collapse of windmill is under responsibility of Snowball, as this prevents the common animals from doubting the pigs' abilities and it ultimately make the pigs to be more powerful and richer. ...read more.


Furthermore, forcing and intimidating are another kind of authority used to dominate others. The film 'The Big Steal' shows the great example of the forcing others. Especially in the scene where Danny visit Joanna's home and asks for going out, Desmond Johnson threatens Danny in an offensive speaking. He uses the power of intimidating in order to achieve what he wants which ultimately stops Danny to get his daughter. The similar case is in the novella 'Animal Farm', when Napoleon, who is one of the leaders among the pigs, finally expels Snowball from the farm, he takes over the absolute power. Since then, when the common animals disobey him, the power is even used cruelly with force and intimidating. ...read more.


There is no force, intimidating or manipulation in their relationship, but they just believe in themselves as one. One of the scenes where the friends unite them as one and swap engine, shows the great teamwork which is an absolute power of beliefs. These text and film prove that the power can also be operated in people's beliefs and this kind of power is often very strong. In conclusion, it is hard for people in positions of power not to abuse power as they are driven by self-interest and greed. Besides, goals are even easier to be achieved through intimidation and force rather than negotiation. However, supporting and beliefs are also good way of approaching power. Therefore, it is not always true that people in positions of power use manipulation and force to dominate others, but often. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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