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'Power corrupt' To what extent does Orwell express this view in animal farm?

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'Power corrupt' To what extent does Orwell express this view in animal farm? The novel 'Animal Farm' written by George Orwell is based on the Russian revolution. It seems history almost repeats itself, we can already anticipate the animal's downfall much like Russia's. It becomes clear that Napoleon is the dominant character of the book, and is mirroring Stalin's actions. His method of leadership is not effective, and consequently will destroy the communist dream. Both leaders abused their power to achieve the dominant status, and crushed any rivals they encounted. Even though the outcome is predictable, we are intrigued to know the reason for the animal's revolutions destruction. Old major's (the prize white boar) speech was the foundation of the whole story; it inspires the animals to revolt against the humans. He spoke of the song 'the beasts of England', which echoed in the hearts of the animals long after the major passed away. Old Majors prophecy was meant to be the guideline on how the animals should live, after the humans were defeated and the revolution was complete. ...read more.


It has now become necessary for napoleon to over throw snowball, after realising he could not compete with snowballs intellect, but he could rule by fear and power. He then runs snowball out of the farm with the use of his army of nine dogs, from this point on the farm is under his dictatorship. Napoleon almost immediately after abolishing snowball, announces all Sunday meetings would come to a end. He states they 'were unnecessary,' and 'wasted time,' from there on out all questions relating to the farm would be decided by a committee of pigs. He also bans the singing 'Beasts of England,' the song spoke of how after the rebellion the animals would be leading a much happier and exciting life, with more food and free time for everyone. Unfortunately the reality is far from the songs words, and Napoleon realises that the animals will eventually see this. In order to explain this ban, Squealer convinces the animals that the song is irrelevant, since the rebellion is over and this better society they have longed for was established. ...read more.


Napoleon in that instant shows the violent extent that he is prepared to go to, to keep his absolute control. He punished this so called betrayal, with death; these sacrifices made are proof of his power. Napoleons main source of power was through squiler; whose propaganda convinced the animals of napoleons leadership and its benefits to the farm, and every individual. Without squilers wit and persuasive explanations, a revolt would have certainly have happened earlier on in the revolution, as the animals would have swiftly realised Napoleons intensions and overthrown his command. I think that George Orwell is showing he views on communism, and describes an accurate account of what happened in Russia. He is extremely anti the communist regime and presents his views in his book. The moral consideration of animal farm is that power corrupts people, and if given the chance will abuse their position. This is shown by the pig's selfish ways, changing the rules to accommodate themselves. At the beginning of the revolution the animals had good intensions and they held on to a dream they so strongly believed. However communism has proved on many occasions to be better in theory than in actual reality. ...read more.

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