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power of one

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Lauren Nagle August 25, 2008 Paper No. 1 The Power of One "First with the head, then from the heart, that's how a man stays ahead from the start," This was the advice Hoppie gave Peekay to be the welterweight champion of the world someday. Hoppie had to leave from Peekay's life when he was called to the service. Peekay is upset that Hoppie has disappeared from his life, but realizes that Hoppie has given him something to take away-the power of one. Peekay uses his Power of one in the fight for life with Granpa Chooks, the fight against Du Toit, and finally being independent and the ability to survive. ...read more.


They had almost made it. With Granpa Chooks he had this independent spirit from the rest of the boys known as the power of one. Peekay has his first fight against this Du Toit. Du Toit is 8 inches taller and du Toit and his team mock Peekay for his shorter body. Peekay's team such as Geel Doc and the Ref are not so sure if he should go through with this fight. So instead they keep close watch and if Peekay shows any sign of over-powered-ness they would immediately stop the fight. Peekay wins in three rounds. ...read more.


Peekay is constructed by those around him-the idea that Peekay struggles is the exact definition of "the power of one." He battles against the idea of depending on others, and seeks personal independence in all aspects of his life. Peekay now learns survival. He learns "that survival is a matter of actively making the system work for you rather than attempting to survive it." This represents the true beginning of personal independence for Peekay. The power of one is represented by the latter definition of "survival"- going beyond normal human capabilities, in spite of the restrictions around one. Although Peekay's mentors have left or died throughout his life like nanny, Granpa Chook, Hoppie, Doc, Geel, Mrs. Boxell, etc... he has become so much greater than any of the mentors would have thought. ...read more.

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