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Powerful Memory - a Journey I Remember.

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POWERFUL MEMORY- A JOURNEY I REMEMBER This journey, I wanted it to go on forever. Well at the beginning anyway. We were heading Manchester, all of us would be caged in the car for long hours waiting to get to our destination. We had left London in the early morning, all of us eager to arrive at our final destination, I was very excited. The day progressed. The atmosphere in the car became deadly silence, and the distance on the map didn't seem to change with the passing hours. The people in the car, my family, were completely unaware of the outside world, they thought only of their arguments and minor discomforts. As my cousins were getting bored with their arguments, I decided to hand over my Gameboy to them. ...read more.


It was my cousin Raj's turn on the gamboy and Bhavesh my little cousin only wanted to play it to get on Raj's nerves. I could have told them that, but I would have just got the same unreasonable reaction from them as before. The noise began to settle as they listened to their music on a Walkman. My cousins only thought of their own importance and they were selfish. Slowly the car crawled down the stretch of motorway which the sun was slowly melting. The car had been a place of safety from the heat at the beginning of the journey, but now we could feel the effects of it. The angrier and more frustrated we became, the warmer the car grew. ...read more.


We listened to the music as time went by, to keep us awake on long a journey. My cousins were separate and isolated from each other as though in independent cages. They made no communication except to argue. By the time that there was only half an hour to go of this pain staking driving we were all looking forward to tomorrow's match as it was a match of a lifetime. Every incident was forgotten. We were just coming up the drive where we were staying with relatives. The door opened and every single relative I remember (and some that I didn't) came running down the drive. Within minutes we were all crowded round the lounge ready to relax and enjoy the evening. The incidents were forgotten. My cousins had successfully made themselves at home and I knew it would be a better day tomorrow. ?? ?? ?? ?? VIPUL VASANT GCSE ENGLISH 12BE ...read more.

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