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pre 1914 poems- prophyrias lover and meeting at night

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The poem "Porphyrias Lover" is told in first person sense, by the lover. It begins to be more of a story rather than a poem. You can tell this because at the beginning of a story it sets the scene of it. For example, "The rain set early in to-night The sullen wind soon awoke." This shows that at the beginning of it there is a storm that is happening and it helps to show that it is a story because stories always start with the setting of the scene to begin, the lines "It tore the elm-tops down for spite" and "and did its worst to vex the lake." These lines show that a storm is building and this could also have a second meaning of the person whom is telling the story's madness is awakening. ...read more.


The description of Porphyria is shows that the author is feeling lower class or undermined by Porphyria. For example "When glided in Porphyria; straight She shut the cold out and the storm" This shows that she is like a goddess or an angel within the aspects that she glides in and makes it all warm and cozy without the storm and the anger of god. At the start of the poem the mood is almost angry with the storms and the wind ripping down the trees and annoying the lake. The mood changes from anger and spite to love and praise. The way that the author conveys the mood to the reader is through the word choices. ...read more.


When there was no answer you begin to wonder why not and what is the lover doing not to reply. This helps to build tension in the story because you, like you do in a story, begin to create assumptions about what could be happening next and how the story is going to end. The mood has changed to create more drama and a sense of mystery. This is because the readers begin to sue their imaginations more to create a better image of their own assumption. The poem shows how one moment a person can be happy and harmless, and then the next can be infuriated and psychopathic in a split second, when Porphyria takes off her cloak the mood of the poem begins to sound more seductive and mysterious at this point. It makes the lover sound as though something is wrong by the way he acts at this point. ...read more.

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