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Pre 1914 Poetry

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Pre-1914 Poetry Coursework To study how pre-1914 poets have explored the different aspects of the theme of relationships over a period of time. When we read the five poems we gather that the poems all have different aspects of the theme of relationships. The poems I have chosen are 'The Laboratory by Ancien R�gime, The Man He Killed by Thomas Hardy, Sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare, Remember by Christina Rossetti, The Little Boy Lost and The Little Boy Found by William Blake and lastly On My First Sonne by Ben Jonson'. These poems written before all have similarities within it comes down to the themes of relationships however they all have different aspects, views, feelings and the theme of relationships may vary. Overall in this essay we are looking at the themes of relationships and see what the different aspects the poets have explored over a period of time which overall have a striking resemblance and within this essay I would like to explore it... Various methods are used to explore the theme of relationships in 'The laboratory by Robert browning' and 'The man he killed by Thomas Hardy' are comparatively similar. The laboratory made in the 1842 era, has a distinct subject, a person who kills (or is about to kill) her rival in the presence of her lover - who appears to be connected to the speaker in some way - perhaps her husband or an ex-lover who has spurned her for the rival who is soon to die. It is in the form of a monologue, and the silent listener is important. He is an expert in poisons who sells his services to a wealthy woman. The language used refers to an older form of rule or government - suggesting that the speaker comes from a past age 'Now that I, tying thy glass mask tightly' shows the past tense language. ...read more.


He sees the boy's life also in terms of a loan, which he has had to repay, after seven years, on the day set for this 'the just day'. This metaphor expresses the idea that all people really belong to God and are permitted to spend time in this world. However the narrator does mourn the loss and this expressed by the word 'Lament'. On my first sonne travels through the spiritual side of life and the way he expresses this is not by saying religious or spiritual words he implies it 'Exacted by thy fate, on the just day', 'Seven yeeres thou wert lent to me' this shows the implements he makes. Also in Of my first sonne he expresses his passion and love for his son with the use of words and language 'To have so sonne scap'd worlds, and fleshes rage' the words fleshes rage show the implantation of passion his rage of the death of his son is hard which it goes to show and this makes the reader feel more sympathetic towards the narrator as his passion and love for his son was pure. However the language does go deeper, Jonson looks at the contradiction that we 'lament' (mourn) something we should really envy - escaping the hardships of life and the misery of ageing. The writer suggests that his best piece of poetry (the best thing he has ever made, that is) is his son this shown buy 'Ben. Jonson his best piece of peotrie'. Remembering his sin of loving too much 'My sinne was too much hope of thee, lov'd boy', he now expresses the hope or wish that from now on, whatever he loves, he will not love it 'too much' 'For whose sake, hence-forth, all his vowes be such, As what he loves may never like too much.' Jonson's language is much complex and the archaic language is good of his expressing his feelings in a more sympathetic less-mourning way. ...read more.


Although, the relationships constructed in the six poems are of different aspects, they all determine how the theme of relationships was constructed in pre-1914 poetry and how it has altered in our modern era. However, the poems also differ in some ways through the structure and layout and sometimes through language of the six pieces of poetry. Browning's 'The laboratory' and Hardy's 'The man he killed' are monologues where the poetry is written in context from either theirs or a persons point view. Shakespeare's 'Sonnet 130' and Rosetti's 'Remember' are sonnets. The little boy lost, the little boy found and on my first sonne are normal poems. However the little boy lost and little boy found are two separate parts but have the same meaning in both; a mini story. All poems capitalize on the factor of relationships and the way the poets have explored these relationships are just how society was during these times and they have just responded to what is going on within that era and over a period of time. In conclusion the points that I have made are all relevant to how the poets have explored the themes of relationships over a period of time. The choice of topic in each poem is used to make the poems more sophisticated and authentic. The points that I have also made are important in the factors the words that poets use are dominant which has such an effect that in my opinion it describes the poems all together. My personal observation of this is that in the Elizabethan era times the relationships were a dominant factor in both society and it is more expressive today and in my opinion I thin k many people do relate their own personal relationship during those times as again relationships was at its peak. Overall I think that pomes written are influencing and inspiring, as they give so much more in to understating relationships and the way these poets express it has influenced many for years and still continues on today. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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