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Pre-1914 poetry - Aspect of love - consider the different approaches taken by the poets in their examinations of love and loss.

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Pre-1914 poetry Aspect of love: consider the different approaches taken by the poets in their examinations of love and loss. First love: john Clare A birthday: Christina Rosseti Remember: Christina Rosseti How do I love thee: Elizabeth Barret Browning My Last Duchess: Robert Browning La Belle Dane Sans Merci: john Keats Love has been awed and talked about throughout the centuries. No one person can describe it as one thing as it has many aspects. I will be comparing the aspects of love in the poems above. "First love" uses an old style of speaking as it says things like "I ne'er was struck" which isn't used much any more. The poem has three stanzas. The first one is telling us more about how he felt and when it happened. The second one is telling us what happens to him when he is with her or near her. Finally the third stanza is him asking why and concluding what happened as if every thing had happened a long time ago in the past. ...read more.


In the first half of the poem the poet is comparing her heart to beautiful things in nature and just before the poem mentions love it says instead of what her heart is like it explains what her heart feels. I think the point in this action is to make u realize how much she loves her lover because she says "My heart is gladder than all these" after saying the glorious things her heart is like which gives you the idea she has a whole lot of love for her lover. The second part of the poem talks about man made things of beauty and things only the very rich could afford. This last half of the poem suggests she is preparing for her birthday, which is special to her because her lover has come. This poem I think is a romantic one because it talks more about beauty than the lover. ...read more.


I think this poem is about possessive love because he killed his wife because other men were getting the same attention he was so it was a sort of if I can't have you no one can kind of thing. "La Belle Dane Sans Merci" is the last poem I am going to talk about. This poem is a long one of twelve stanzas. This poem is about a man having a dream or an out of body experience about falling in love. This poem in particular uses a lot of old English. It uses words like "thee" and woe-begone". The poem is also about an adventure the two lovers go on as if on a passionate run for love. The poem has a few things that make it clear that it is not about a normal event; it says "Elfin grot" and "a faeries child". I think this poem is about passionate love, although it is about a dream or an out of body experience It is about meeting a woman and falling passionately in love with her. ...read more.

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