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Pre 1914 Poetry Coursework

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Analyse the ways in which different pre - 1914 poets explored the different aspects of the theme of relationships over a period of time. In this essay, I will be writing about how the relationships between the men and the women are. My main focus is on the relationships of love in all the poems from the pre - 1914 poem clusters. All five poems comprises of including love and the mutual relationship between both the sexes. The themes used throughout the poems are associated with love, jealousy and wealth. These are the three main causes of destruction of one's life. It can pressurize you to do anything. For example, in "My Last Duchess" the duke kills the duchess for personal gains and the cause of her death was the duke's jealousy of the duchess talking with other men joyfully. Also, in 'The Highway Man' they show how the wife sacrifices her life to save her husband's life, this is because of their relationship of marriage, romance and love. When we read the five poems, we gather that the poems all have different motifs of the relationships in the poems. The authors use language techniques to deliver the impact and emphasis of the poem to the reader such as by using ellipses to create dramatic effects, repetition to render emphasis on the word and imagery to produce a vivid image for the reader to visualize the story. ...read more.


He places this hand painted picture behind the curtain. Before her death, she was smiling at every man that she saw, but now she is powered by the duke himself as to who sees the picture and who doesn't. 'I gave commands; then all smiles stopped together' with his one order she is killed or locked up, and this is a matter that needs to be hidden as the law can suspect him fro murder. He was not scared of anyone because he had power and ego that would not 'stoop'. He gets his servants in to "Notice Neptune, though, taming a sea horse", Neptune being the Roman god of sea whose chariots are pulled by sea horses. The duke takes the women to be sea horses. Throughout the poem, the main theme is about jealousy. The duke being very ominous is very arrogant because of his status and power. Out of all the characters, he is at the top of the hierarchy and he also takes law in to his own hands without being ashamed of admitting his crime. This shows that he is in level with god to kill and take lives of people. The duke's relationship with the duchess was a divine bond of marriage which comprises of some mutual promises. As observed in the poem, he did not treat the duchess like his wife and only used her for a figure and femininity. ...read more.


The structure of this poem being a dramatic monologue the speaker is telling the whole poem with a silent listener in the poem. There is more dramatic effect and we sympathize with the speaker as he is telling a story from his point of view. The structure of 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' uses a typical ballad-style rhyming scheme by using ABCB. There are 8 syllables in the first three lines of each stanza and the last being 4 syllables. This shows us that the first three lines are longer than the last line which is a quick paced sentence. This poem being a folk ballad, there is a story in a song and has 4-6 lines in each stanza. Keats also used melancholy as a base theme for the knight as before he met the lady, he was depressed and even after meeting the lady, he is shown as being more depressed and lonelier. Keats shows this distress by the repetition of "alone" in the first and the last stanza which shows he was distressed and still is distressed after falling in love with a mystical woman. All the poems share some common characteristics of the theme of love, hate and jealousy. They are pre 19th poems which were likely to include these themes in the poem to gain reader's interest. There are some similarities between the poems. All of them include some sort of romance between the man and the woman but most of them are mystical, mythical or unrealistic or they involve some of the characters to be lonely. ...read more.

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