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pre-1914 prose study

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Pre-1914 Prose Study Stories from the Gothic Tradition I am going to write about three stories with a gothic genre. The first story is called "The Red Room". "The Red Room" by H.G Wells is about a man who doesn't believe in supernatural beings and is about to spend a night in the most haunted castle. Charles Dickens wrote the second story called, "Confession Found in a Prison". It was about a man who killed his nephew because the young boy reminded him of the boy's mother, who never trusted him, he couldn't cope with the boys anymore and so he decided to murder him. The final story, "The Superstitious Man's Story" was written by Thomas Hardy and it is about a man who is thought to be dead, however, everybody keeps seeing him around the village and it is almost as if he is in two places at once. Gothic stories are stories that include elements like blood, murder and other scary elements. It is also a story that includes superstitions and supernatural beings. Gothic stories were extremely popular in the Victorian era because the Industrial Revolution was changing, therefore, everybody wanted to escape from all the reality of the world they lived in, this is called escapism. Another explanation is because of Charles Darwin's theory. Charles questioned the religious explanation of the creation of human life by coming up with a theory of evolution where each animal evolves from another. Not only did the people want to escape from the possibility that their belief in the incredibility of God's powers might be ...read more.


The final technique used in "The red Room" is the setting; the setting of this story is typically gothic because it is set at night in a haunted castle which has history of murders that have taken place in the castle. The example from the story that I have chosen is, "large shadowy room, with its shadowy window bays, its recesses and alcoves, one could well understand the legends that had sprouted in its black corners, its germinating darkness". This typically gothic setting makes it a scary atmosphere, it shows the darkness of the castle at night and it increases the fear that the character has and so it therefore makes the reader more attracted to the room and the story making them want to read on. This quote causes imagery because it helps the reader imagine the scene and what the room would look and feel like so it makes the reader feel apprehensive. The gothic elements used in "Confession Found in a Prison" are death, murder, blood and the man was alone in a dungeon while he was writing before his death, which is a typical gothic setting. One of the techniques used in "Confession Found in a Prison" is a metaphor; the example used is, "his mother's ghost looking from his eyes". This metaphor is used to describe the way the man felt about the boy's mother and even though she was dead, he could still see the boy's mother and he didn't like it. ...read more.


In "Confession Found in a Prison", Charles Dickens uses similes and metaphors to emphasise the man's feelings, he used personification to describe his feelings of guilt and regret when he says that the wind that passes whispers murder to him. He also uses an effective setting when he describes the dungeon that the character is present in when he was writing the story. In Thomas Hardy's "A Superstitious Man's Story", Hardy uses just a simile to prove to the reader that there is a possibility that the man might not have been there because there was no sign that the man was there. In my opinion, I found "The red Room" the most effective story because the techniques used such as the similes and metaphors really helped me imagine the picture and the scene the story was describing. Also it used many other techniques like the setting described and personification that made me feel suspense and exhilaration whilst reading the story. It also had the best storyline because it had a secret history of murders and deaths that were not exposed; they were just hinted when the old people were warning him of the red room and its effects it has on people. It also has two sides to the story; it has a supernatural side because of the history and noises and shadows that couldn't be explained. The second side is the realistic side when he gets out of the castle and he realises that it wasn't ghosts or spirits in the room that were making him uncomfortable but it was just his mind playing tricks on him. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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