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Presentation on the Giant Panda

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One day, Michael and Keely go to Sichuan Province to have a sweet honeymoon. They go into the bamboo forest to have a big picnic. When they are eating sweetly, suddenly, there is a giant panda jumping out! (Kevin jumps out) Keely: Help! Is anyone can help us? We are in danger! Help! (Michael looks around) At this moment, both of them feel scared. (Keely and Michael's face to each other with a scare face) Suki: Hi! Can I help you? Michael: Of cause yes! Here is a monster near us! Suki: Let me see... It is not a monster but a panda! Little panda, can you come here and let them see you clearly? Kevin: No! I am afraid that they will laugh at me because of my dark circles and they may be the hunters, they may kill me! ...read more.


They are mostly seen in the Sichuan province, Gansu and the Shaanxi provinces as well. The giant panda habitat has a dense growth of fir, spruce and bamboo plants Kevin: The giant pandas have racked up the brains of scientists on the issue whether they are more closely related to the bear or raccoon. They have certain similar qualities that match the bears and certain traits that match the raccoon. Today, the scientists conside the giant pandas as a sub family to the bear family Suki: These solitary animals become active sexually around 3 to 4 years of age. The estrus period is usually from March to May and is at peak only for a few days. The giant panda females are very caring for their little one. After giving birth, the mother does not leave her den for many days. ...read more.


According to the latest report, China has 239 giant pandas in captivity. Suki: We can protect giant panda through protecting forests .It is because forest provide them with their primary source --bamboo. We can donate money to a Conservation Organization ,such as ,World Wildlife Fund .they will use the money to increase the habitat area for giant pandas. Kevin: Now, there are four pandas in Ocean Park.If you want to visit the panda, you can find them easily in Ocean Park Keely: There are 4 pandas in Ocean Park. You can also find some information about panda. Michael: There is a cartoon about giant panda. It is called Kung Fu Panda.This cartoon is about a panda which is very good at fighting and he saved his hometown through his Kung Fu. Whole: That;s all for our presentation ~ ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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