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Pretty woman opening

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Media Coursework Pretty Woman is without doubt the most romantic film of this century. Released in 1990 the film sent shock waves through society as director Garry Marshall took on the challenge of creating a film about a prostitute that falls in love with a sophisticated multi-millionaire. The film is an all time romantic comedy classic aimed at women over the age of 15 and couples. The opening shot is complete darkness followed by the magician's voice saying "it's all about money" on a denotational level you gather from the next shot that the magician is talking about the magic trick. However, on a connotational level that little phrase is a significant insight to the film. It suggests that the rest of the film is going to be strongly based around money. ...read more.


The introducing shot of Edward Lewis, played by Richard Gere, is him on the phone to his girlfriend upstairs away from the party. Marshall has filmed the phone call with Edward having his back to the camera because it shows that the phone call is private. In front of Edward is a paned window looking down on the party. The fact that Edward is looking down on the party emphasises his high status and importance. On the other hand, the panned windows could symbolise that he is trapped, lonely and an outcast. The opening sequence is set in Hollywood Boulevard and Beverly Hills. The camera shots in Hollywood Boulevard are short symbolising the busy nature of the area and that is less desirable. ...read more.


Before Vivian appears on the screen there is a low angle shot of the hotel, the lights that spell out "HOTEL" are out, except for "h" and "o" spelling out the word "ho" this suggests that the hotel is full of prostitutes. The first shot of Vivian is a close up of her bottom. The director used this as an introducing shot because it emphasises that she is a prostitute and that her body is the only part of her that men care about. At the very end of the opening sequence there is a man saying "Welcome to Hollywood, what's your dream. Everybody comes dreaming... this is Hollywood" this speech is also repeated at the end of the film. The repetition emphasizes that dreams come true in Hollywood linking to Vivian who's dream did come true at the end of the film. ...read more.

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