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Pride and Prejudice

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In the Novel, Pride and prejudice is shown in Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. Darcy who is of a higher economic status permits pride, but it is Elizabeth who also portrays pride, not in an economic way, but in a way which shows her ability of perception. Her reaction of Darcy however does change drastically throughout the novel. When Elizabeth first meets Darcy at the ball held by Mr Bingley, he ends up portraying himself to be extremely proud and arrogant. 'His character was decided. He was the proudest, most disagreeable man in the world' (Volume 1, chapter 3, p.7) This shows that the 'first impression' that Darcy gave off was negative, which resulted in having his character decided by others. However, Mr Bingley is the opposite to Mr Darcy and so was admired by everyone. When Darcy refuses to dance, Elizabeth overhears a conversation between himself and Mr Bingley. Mr Bingley is persuading Darcy to dance with one of the ladies at the ball. This is where Darcy first displays his pride by saying 'There is not another woman in the room, whom it would not be a punishment to me to stand up with' (Volume 1, chapter 3, p.8) ...read more.


Elizabeth slowly begins to take notice of the truths that were revealed in the letter and begins to think of Darcy in a different way. She has misjudged Darcy, and that Wickham's true character has been revealed. Elizabeth has to also accept that it in actual fact, Wickham was the one that had deceived her and that she formed most of her opinion of Darcy on the conversation that she had with Wickham. Elizabeth is also ashamed of herself as she thought that she was in the right. Her vanity may have the problem which caused her to become prejudice without knowing it. Jane Austen is able to show that pride and prejudice are closely connected. At this specific point, Darcy is trying his utmost to make peace with Elizabeth. Later on in the novel, Elizabeth visits Pemberley to view Darcy's estate. She is astonished by his respect and consideration for herself and for her family. Even though she is unaware of it, her concern for Darcy begins to increase rapidly. She wants to make a good impression in front of Miss Darcy, but she also secretly wants to impress Darcy. Elizabeth herself realizes that her true feelings towards Darcy have changed. ...read more.


'You are joking, Lizzy. This cannot be! - engaged to Mr Darcy! No, no, you shall not deceive me. I know it to be impossible' (Volume 3, chapter 17, p.309) But when Elizabeth tells Jane just how much she loves Darcy, she believes it. 'Perhaps I didn't always love him so well as I do now' (Volume 3, chapter 17, p.309) They discuss their marriage before going to live in Pemberley where it is said that it was a happy marriage. Throughout the Novel both Elizabeth and Darcy develop in a good way, as Darcy crosses his social boundaries to be with Elizabeth, and Elizabeth prejudice towards Darcy is long forgotten. We are able to see a change in Elizabeth's character as at first; she was unable to see just how intelligent, sensitive and shy Darcy was. When she discovers the truth about Wickham, this in a way brings her closer to Darcy. In the end, she realizes that she must cme to reality that her family do in actual fact act in an improper manner, as in those days, certain behaviour was expected. During the walk, she allows herself to reveal her true feelings for Darcy, and by the end of the walk, they are engaged. The marriage at the end was suitable as it contained respect, trust and physical attraction, which made it so special. Alima Ali Pride and Prejudice Coursework GS1 1 ...read more.

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