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Pride and Prejudice.

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Pride and Prejudice Mr Collins is a wealthy, high-class clergyman who desires to have the hand in marriage from Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourn. The Bennet family however is not as prosperous as Mr Collins, and it was on this basis that many marriages were established. They did not marry some one because they loved them but because of their wealth. Mr Collins is Mr Bennet's cousin and also was to inherit the house. Mr Collins proposes in a very gentlemanlike manner. This means he asked Elizabeth's parents permission before proposing. Elizabeth knows what Mr Collins had came round for as she saw her mothers excitement as she rushed out of the room to let them be alone. Elizabeth addresses her mother very quickly and in a formal way to persuade her to stay because she knew that Mr Collins was going to ask for Elizabeth's hand in marriage. To this Mrs Bennet replied "Elizabeth, I insist upon you staying and hearing Mr Collins" This quote is very forceful towards Elizabeth and feels obliged to stay. When Mr Collin's begins to propose and it is not done in a very affectionate way he states that he has come round to Longbourn house just to get married. ...read more.


is in love with. Mr Darcy admired Elizabeth Bennet when he first saw her but Elizabeth had taken a liking to Mr Wickham. Both Mr Darcy and Mr Wickham detest each other. Mr Darcy's arrival catches Elizabeth of guard as she is expecting Colonel Fitzwilliam. Elizabeth does not know that Mr Darcy loves her and wants to marry her and is surprised when he declares his love. She is surprised as he did not ask her parents before proposing and he thinks there is no need as he is higher in social status. Elizabeth's language in Mr Darcy's proposal is impolite and uncivilized for to a woman in nineteenth century. It was taboo for a woman to ever answer back to a man in a disrespectful manner, as their stereotypical role was to be subordinate to men. Through out Mr Darcy's proposal he continuously refers to his social superiority to Elizabeth. Mr Darcy's starts his proposal negatively with the words "in vein I have struggled, it will not do". The word "struggled" is quite a powerful word to use, as it shows that he does not want to feel for Elizabeth, as she is lower to him in social status. But in contrast to his negative start for his first reason for her hand in marriage. ...read more.


She is very offensive towards Mr Darcy, as we can see from the language she uses "I have every reason in the world to think ill of you". She later accuses Mr Darcy of forcing Wickham out of a job. Mr Darcy gives his response abruptly and does not hold back on what he has to say. He claims Elizabeth pride is the reason that is holding her back to marry him, if he had not said about her inferiority she would have gladly accepted, again Mr Darcy assumes she likes him. Mr Darcy's language is insensitive and arrogant, he could not leave the fact that she was inferior, which infuriated her even more. Mr Darcy feels he has heard enough and before he bids her farewell, he apologizes politely for causing her distress. This sincere apology deeply affects Elizabeth and she begins to cry. Mr Collins and Mr Darcy went about there proposal in a very similar blinkered manner knowing that their status was higher than Elizabeth according t the ster4otype of their time. They both considered their feelings o be more significant than that of Elizabeth as they repeatedly talked about themselves rather than enquiring after her. They both emphasised how fortunate Elizabeth would be to marry into a high class and wealthy family as it was a truth universally acknowledge that a single man in the 19th century would marry someone who had the same social status. ...read more.

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