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Pride and Prejudice - are the Bennet's a perfect family?

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Firstly, what is a perfect family? A perfect family to me is when everyone within it respects, loves, and values one another. It's when they communicate well and share their things together. They must never argue nor fight nor disagree with each other. That to me is a perfect family! So how do the Bennet's compare to this perfect family? Firstly you have Mr Bennet, who's an intelligent man with good sense, but is, at the same time, a very individual character. He made the mistake of marrying a foolish woman and therefore, takes refuge in his books. He likes to be left alone in his study and neglects his daughters, all except Elizabeth, whom he favours of course. However, when she warned him about how Lydia was in danger if she went to Brighton, he ignored her because he didn't really care. Now with Mrs Bennet, she's quite different. She's a foolish and frivolous woman, who lacks sense and concern for the real education of her daughters. ...read more.


Then there's Mary who's completely on her own because she is caught in the middle of reality and fiction, leaving her dreaming. Jane, being the eldest, has priority over the other sisters because she gets all the wealth when their father dies. This means that the rest of them have to rely on their looks and if you're like Mary, you have no hope! I think this affects the relationship between the sisters because there could be jealousy amongst them over this ruling in Jane's favour. As for Elizabeth Bennet, she is lively, quick-witted, sharp-tongued, bold, and intelligent. She is also, like Jane, very good looking; her eyes are her main features. However, all she's concerned about is good manners and virtues, not wealth or titles. This could be a reason why her and Mrs Bennet do not get along too well because they act like complete opposites, they contrast each other. ...read more.


Mrs Bennet favours Lydia over all because they are both very similar characters, but she never actually cares for her well being, no more than she does for the rest of the Bennet sisters. To be quite honest the Bennet family aren't at all what you would call a perfect family. They create many problems and disagreements amongst themselves. They don't respect each other, communicate well, or even do things as a family. But then again how do you define 'perfect'? It's all down to a matter of opinion! Who am I to judge? This is where all the prejudice comes in that affects people's opinions of one another. The Bennet family has their good points too, like when Lizzy walks many miles in the dirt just to see her sister, Jane - "Elizabeth was convinced that they held her in contempt for it", she was referring to the Bingley sisters, Darcy etc. Obviously, this action was out of pure love for her sister, which goes to show, no family is perfect, but everyone has a good side. BY ROSEMARIE JESZKE ...read more.

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