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Pride and prejudice Coursework.

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Pride and prejudice Coursework Hunsford, Near Westerham, Kent 18/04/1802 Dear Mrs Bennet, I hope that all your family is in good health. I am ashamed to confess that inquiring about your family is not the main reason of writing to you but it is nevertheless a matter which I believe is of great importance to your family. I believe that it is my duty to inform you about the recent events at Hunsford. I am sure that you will be delighted to hear that your daughter Elizabeth had been proposed to by Mr Darcy. However, it is regretful that I must inform you of Lizzy's rejection of Mr Darcy's marriage proposal. ...read more.


However, on our return I went to check on Elizabeth and I was shocked to see her look paler than ever. She had dark red eyes with puffed up cheeks, as if she had been crying. When I asked her what had happened she burst into tears, and proclaimed that Mr Darcy had visited her in our absence and she then revealed that she had rejected his offer! The reason that Eliza gave for her rejection him was because of his 'abominable pride' and 'conceited' manner. Yet I do believe he sustains all of these ill features. However, on the contrary Mr Darcy is a secure man. ...read more.


Mr Collins and I are financially stable and I am fully secure. Yet, I wish I could say the same for Eliza, if she gets married. Mrs Bennet, it is both familiar to us to get married as soon as possible and grasp every opportunity as it comes. 'When you are secure' then there will be free time to fall in love. But Eliza contradicts these opinions which both to you and myself are so imperative. She wants to marry for love yet this cannot always be the case. She does not want to marry for financial security. Mr Darcy is such a wealthy and well connected man. It is up to you Mrs Bennet to advise your daughter to not regret making dreadful decisions. I thought that I had to write about this as Eliza is my good friend. Love Charlotte Collins ...read more.

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