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Pride and Prejudice: How Elizabeth was affected by her visit to Derbyshire.

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Pride and Prejudice: How Elizabeth was affected by her visit to Derbyshire. In this essay, I'm focusing on how Elizabeth was affected by her visit to Derbyshire. Elizabeth is staying with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, in the small town of Lambton in the Gardiner's house. When Lizzy learns that Pemberley House, where Darcy lives, is but 5 miles from Lambton, she feels uncomfortable at her aunt's suggestion to visit but does agree. However once she learns that the family is absent from the house, she feels curious to see the house. By the next morning, Elizabeth's feelings have completely reversed from her initial instinct, and is clearly feeling excited at the thought of visiting Darcy's house, as she "watched for the first appearance of Pemberley House with some perturbation;" and also that "her spirits were in a high flutter." ...read more.


Later in the chapter, Mrs. Reynolds, Darcy's housekeeper, shows Lizzy and the Gardiner's around the house. Elizabeth is astonished when the housekeeper says she's "never had a cross word from him in my life", And that infact all of his servants think very highly of him. This is quite the opposite of what Elizabeth had expected to hear, as she had believed up until then that Mr. Darcy was a bad tempered man. The housekeeper continues to sing Darcy's praises as a master and tells of his generosity towards his sister, much to Lizzy's disbelief After such a good description of the man she had grown to hate, she finds herself thinking only of him, undistracted by the magnificent house and furnishings. ...read more.


Elizabeth also wonders what his thoughts wereon their meeting, indicating that she also cares about his feelings towards her. When the party meet with Darcy for the second time, Lizzy is simply astonished when Mr Darcy invites herself, Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner to meet with his friends and family at Pemberly the following day, "The surprise of such an application was great indeed; it was too great for her to know in what manner she acceded to it." Elizabeth and the Gardiners then departed from Pemberly house, after giving their many thanks to Darcy. Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner begin to praise Darcy, commenting on his manners and generosity. Elizabeth admits that she has grown to like him, and claims that "She had never seen him so pleasant," However on her aunts comparison to Wickham, she remembers how Darcy treated him, and doing so sees Darcy less aimable than she had thought. ...read more.

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