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Priestley uses the opening of the plan in "An Inspector Calls" to challenge Arthur Birlings values and attitudes by using the inspector to challenge him and his family.

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An Inspector calls Essay by J.B Priestley Priestley uses the opening of the plan in "An Inspector Calls" to challenge Arthur Birlings values and attitudes by using the inspector to challenge him and his family. Priestley also prepares the audience in a number of ways like when the Inspector dramatically enters while they are having an engagement party. This play was written in 1945 but was set in 1912. 1912 was before the 2 world wars. Priestley was trying to show how the attitude was at that time. That is why he made 2 charcters, one for the views if socialism,which is the inspector and one for capitalism which is Arthur Birling. This play has many surprises of who is involved in a death and how. Priestley's views are in corrporated though the inspector. Sacialism is when all people act as one body to help each other. Capitalism is when they believe in self-help that revolves around a class system when a man has to work for him self. This play also talks about the class system and pride and authority. ...read more.


He always likes to be optimistic about the time he is in now: " There is a good deal of silly talk about these days -but- and I speak as a hard headed business man who has to take risks and know what hes about, I say you can ignore all this silly pessimistic talk." He repeats "I'm talking as a hard headed business man." About 3 times because he likes to show off his authority. This makes the audience think hes big headed and hes showing off. When Arthur qoutes, "the worlds devolping so fast that it'll make war impossible," But really this is ironic because it is the development of technology that leads to a world war. Another thing is ironic is when Arthur Birling said the "Titanic is unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable." This is ironic because the titanic hit an iceberg and did sink. I think at this point priestley wants the audience to think Arthur Birling a fool and he doesn't know what he is talking about. When Arthur Birling said, " when they have forgotten all these capital versus labour allegations and all these little war scares there'll be peace and prosperity." ...read more.


Birling obviously does not like these views, he almost despises them. When the Inspector 1st comes, he said his name 'Goole', 'Goole' means ghost so it would prepare the audience that he's a mysterious character. The servant ,akes the light stronger, brighter when the Inspector arrives to increase tension and make the Inspector look powerful. As soon as he walks in, "he creates an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness." Artur gets nervous that why he tries to impress the inspector. But the Inspector doesn't seem to care much. The Inspector also shows how much he cares about Arthurs authority by "interrupting him massively." The Inspector also adds lets of tension by saying "Bunt her insides out of course." Priestley intends for the audience to accept the Inspectors socialist views and reject Birlings capitalist views by putting all the power and emphasise on the inspector. I think the opening of the play is effective because it prepares the audience for what is to come in the rest of the play and it's obvious what Priestleys message is. It makes the capitalist views look bad and tells you it is the wrong way of life. Hassan Abbas ...read more.

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