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Princess Emmeline.

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Once upon a time there lived two beautiful princesses one was called princess Emmeline and princess Aanya. Aanya and Emmeline were both stepsisters, Emmeline's mother died when she gave birth to her. Then the king (their father) re married to lady camellia and they also had a daughter and they named her Aanya. She was beautiful as well but not as beautiful as Emmeline. Aanya had always been jealous that everyone in the kingdom thought that Emmeline was more beautiful than Aanya and Aanya never really liked her step sister. Queen camellia was also a witch and she hated Emmeline but did not do anything to her because her father was still alive. But Emmeline always wanted to be Aanya's friend but Aanya never gave her that chance. One day the kingdom heard that they were going to have a visitor from a different place. The king and queen and prince Jason were coming to stay for a week. ...read more.


The next day at dinner tine the queen put a potion in Jason's drink the potion changes Emmeline in to a warthog in Jason's eyes. And then the queen proposed a toast and Jason drank his drink he felt a bit weird and he excused himself and went to bed. The next day he felt a bit better so he got up and went to see Emmeline and when he got there he just screamed at her and ran off. Emmeline was puzzled. She went to see him and he just kept on screaming to her to go away so she ran out of the room crying. Just then the maid called Michelle came in and she saw the prince so scared she went up to him and asked what was wrong and he kept on shouting did you see her face and how ugly it was, it was horrible. The maid did not understand but she was going to fin out. ...read more.


They hugged each other, Jason did not care what she looked like. He was happy that she was safe and they melted into a warm gentle kiss. To Jason's surprise he saw the beautiful face again. Just then they heard a noise it was the noise of the queen's carriage. They found Jason and Emmeline and lots of men came to fight Jason as they where fighting Jason the queen took Emmeline. They went back to the castle. After Jason finished fighting the men Jason ran to Emmeline's castle and on his way there he saw the maid Michelle and she gave Jason a sword and a shield for protection and he took it with him and when he got there Emmeline was locked up in a room and the witch was making a potion to kill her. Jason burst in and he fought the queen transformed as monster and he killed her and he freed the princess and the next day they where married and they lived happy ever after. The End. ...read more.

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