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Print Advert Analysis - English Language

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Print Advert Analysis When a print advert is created the producer needs to take several different aspects into account. The key aspect of all advertising is the audience and generally to make money out of them. The audience is broken down into demographics and once the producer knows who the audience is they can begin to shape their piece of media text around them. The producer needs to recognise the viewer's reading, viewing and listening habits so they can make the advert appeal to them. The segmentation of the audience means the advert is usually a success and because it is aimed at a certain group of people they can relate and engage with that particular advert. When analysing an advert the media producers want to know the income bracket/status, age, gender, race and location of their potential audience. This is always acknowledged and assures the producer it will appeal to the buyer. In the print advert above Mariah Carey's new perfume M is being advertised and the demographic groups such as teenage girls, women and boyfriends are being targeted. ...read more.


Boyfriends and husbands may buy the perfume for their partners because they find it appealing, as well as wanting to surprise their girlfriend, wife etc with a present. Her revealing outfit connotes a sexy side but most of her body is covered with vines and flowers, as if teasing the viewer, showing an innocent side too. The advert appeals to the social, self-esteem and self-actualisation tiers of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as an increasing number of people feel the need to smell nice to gain respect and have confidence in themselves. The need to feel accepted by peers is a big issue throughout our lives so smelling good can boost confidence around new people. However, even though smelling nice can boost self-esteem, it is also a way to show the need of developing ones potential to the full. AIDA, (Action, Interest, Desire, Attention), also plays a big part in the construction of an advert. The fact that the advert is extremely eye-catching means the audience are more likely to remember the perfume and who it is by, therefore resulting in them going out and buying it (Action). ...read more.


The media language of the advert suggests that the perfume is very over the top and you get a lot for your money, so the audience targeted will be even more tempted to buy the product, as it is portrayed to be better than other brands. The fact it is shown to be better than the rest increases the self-actualisation attached to this perfume, making the buyer desire it even more. The busy background of the advert seems very realistic, with features such as the jaguars looking up to Mariah emphasising her importance, but the overall effect it has is unbelievable. Her costume and make-up, along with the swing made from entangled vines and flowers, captures the viewer's attention because although they are out of place it creates a uniqueness that no other advert supplies. The perfume is aimed at the majority of marketing categories, as it is an affordable yet long-lasting product, and can be recognised as a success in the advertisement industry. Many people could enjoy the perfume as it is aimed at a widespread audience and the profit made from this product could be huge. ?? ?? ?? ?? Created by 05fenlon ...read more.

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