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Problems in schools are a very prevalent issue in today's society; school violence is on the rise with other issues such as dr

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Violence in Schools In The National Center for Education Statistics' Indicators of School Crime and Safety 2000 T.R. Canady (2001) "indicates that 12-18 year olds were the victims of 2.7 MILLION school crimes in 1998, including 252,700 non-fatal serious violent crimes." Even after Columbine, the highly publicized school shooting, violence in schools is still going strong with in a place where the last thing on the kids' minds should be. They, the adults," have tried to resolve these problems by using force and fear to control these kids. Problems in schools are on the rise with other issues such as violence, drug and teen pregnancy. To solve this growing problem we need to first address what is the root cause of this behavior. Kids now days are neglected by parents left at home watching TV, while the parents are working. The kids observe so much polluted material on the television it almost seems casual when they do such hideous acts which is repeated over time. Kids are SO desensitized from the things they see on TV, video games, movies. ...read more.


Yes, to many Americans seeing other people get hurt is just a type of entertainment and enjoy watching others get hurt. Also, Dr. Eron's studies show that kids learn and keep the violent or bad tendencies learned from TV. Not only TV induces violent activity at schools but their involvement in gangs, drugs and type of music also contribute to kids acting violently at schools. The cause of violence can be blamed on many things and one thing is drugs and gangs. Now that more kids are selling and buying drugs, those kids are making money and they buy weapons. They see getting gun as an essential for their protection and also think that they are invincible since they have a loaded gun in their hands. Some kids even think all they need are a "kilo of crack, a bitch and gatt." Gangs, since they've been around violence have been increasing steadily. Gangs create an identity for the kids in which they can relate to and get help from when needed. The spread of gangs and drugs has been increasing violence of school youths. ...read more.


All the schools really care about is their reputation as a whole. The schools want students with good grades and no trouble. Doyle (2000) states that, "We are more likely to find solutions in the quality of relationships that are formed within the school than in safety devices." Parents, police and faculty are trying to all approach this problem within schools. But they've taken big steps with safety in schools by mainly using fear to control the students with police within premises and metal detectors. I personally think the schools shouldn't be treating each student as a criminal but should be a place a kid goes interact, play with kids not a place where they have to fear each other. I also think there should be less of a punishment and more awards for kids who actually do good things for the school which would encourage the kids to go out and do such things. This problem of school violence will never be solved there will always be a bad apple all we can do is help form a closer bond amongst students and amongst student and faculty to mentor each other not only academically but also with personal issues that they can't resolve themselves as it was stated above. ...read more.

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