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"Propaganda and it's role in the novel, Animal Farm."

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"Propaganda and it's role in the novel." I believe that Squealer is the perfect propaganda officer. He is a brilliant talker "with a persuasive skipping movement and a tail wisk" . Orwell narrates that he can "turn black into white and white into black ". He helps Snowball in writing the commandments and , on a scientific basis , he explains that the pigs should take all the milk and apples as the pigs are the brain of the farm so as to prevent the return of Mr. Jones. His great skills in propaganda is shown after Snowball's defeat to justify Napoleon's reversal on the question of building the windmill. We can see that he doesn't have a visible personality of his own , for his actions are what his master wants. We see that he misses no opportunity to build up Napoleon's character or incriminate Snowball. He also falls into most Napoleon's vices: greed , drunkenness , and cruelty. I believe that Squealer helped in flourishering the dictorial rule of Napoleon and Napoleon enlists the services of Squealer , a pig with the ability to persuade other animals that the pigs are always moral and correct in their decisions. After Napoleon had expelled Snowball by the power of his dangerous dogs, his bodyguards , he becomes the leader of Animal Farm by the agreement of all the animals ...read more.


When some animals protest that they remember agreeing never to have any dealings with men , Squealer assures them that "it was pure imagination , probably traceable in the beginning to lies circulated by Snowball ." Still few animals feel faintly doubtful , but Squealer asks "Are you certain that this is not something you have dreamed? Have you any record of such resolution ? Is it written down anywhere?" Since it is certainly true that nothing of that kind existed in writing , the animals are satisfied. It was about time that the pigs move into the farm house. Again the animals seem to remember a resolution against this but Squealer explains this move as being necessary to the dignity of Napoleon. To be sure , Muriel spells the fourth commandment "No animal shall sleep in bed with sheets" by "with sheets" is written newly. Squealer informs them that "the rule was against sheets,which are human invention.We have removed the sheets...and sleep between blankets" and as usual , he ends up his brainwash by his constant treat "Surely none of you wishes to see Jones back?" By thus magic question , the animals are convinced and agree without saying another word. It's winter, and the weather is so cold that work on the windmill "comes to a temporary halt". ...read more.


knacker, Squealer tells the indignant animals that Boxer was actually taken to veterinarian and died a peaceful death in a hospital and this is a tale the animals believe. We hate Squealer most when we discover his hypocrisy and pretence over Boxer's disgraceful treatment. He is the terrifying example of the pigs adoption of man's upright stance. I believe that Squealer talks in such a way that pacifies the animals and brainwashes them and that isn't far or difficult for Squealer as he represents the minister of mass media. Squealer's impressive statistics on production (Soviet propaganda throughout the 1920s and 1930s ). The commandments also seem to have become less decisive; qualifying words are there which the animals can't remember having seen before , but Squealer can always convince them o their faulty memories (the corruption of Marxism). In Russian history , Squealer represents the larger and active propaganda machine of the Soviet Union. As an individual , however, his career and tactics are closer to those of Joseph Goebbels , Hitler's minister for propaganda. Since there was no television or radio , the newspaper was seized by Stalin (Napoleon) and his new Bolshevik regime. In animal farm , Squealer , like the newspaper , is the link between Napoleon and other animals. Squealer is the modern propagandist and the public relation officer, but the least democratic system of government. ...read more.

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