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Pros and Cons of Modelling

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The Pros and Cons of Modeling It is undeniable that, modeling has become one of the most sought after career options for many youngsters as it is one of the most thrilling and lucrative profession. The tremendous changes taking place in the fashion industry have given a spurt of rise to the modeling jobs all over the world. Especially in today's world where fashion industry is succeeding and had made modeling an attractive career. This modeling can be classified into ramp modeling, television modeling and print modeling. As all of us knew, models are used to launch and promote a variety of branded products or show a garment to its best advantage. For instance, the image in the picture shows that models are used to advertise the Guess brand which is an America's clothing line brand. Models are required to appear sexy and seductive to make the brand popular. Hence; it is proven that models had played huge role in the success of Guess brand as well as other brands. But moving closer, have ever wondered how a life of a model would be? To start off with, there are several advantages of being a model. ...read more.


They just prey on the dreams of young girls in order to be rich and victims left with nothing. Worst still when porn agencies present themselves as legitimate modeling business. They sign girls up and then slowly brainwash them into thinking they have to be sexy to make it. Over time they use peer pressure to convince the girls that nudity is a part of the business and that this is the easy way to make lots of money. Of course there is nothing 'easy' about a life involved with porn. Not to mention, porn is not modeling. With this model loses their dignity for the sake of money. There are also high chances of involving in unwanted relationship and lead to pre-marriage pregnancy. Especially, young models will abort and involve in scandals. Unwanted tapes are often released without consent of their subject and could potentially damage careers. For instance, the latest issues faced by the top model of world, Adriana Lima. Her sex tapes were widely spread. Some even mentioned that this occurred without her consent. Another dark side of modeling business is the rampant drug use. Models are given and have free access to all manner of illicit substances. ...read more.


As all of us knew, modeling is an extremely competitive and ruthless business. You will need a thick skin and inner assurance that these negatives are not personal, but rather just the nature of the business. The phase you will have to go through to get to the top can be rather demanding but certainly not unachievable. You must expect to work hard and put in the time and effort both physically and mentally to achieve your goals. The rewards of reaching these goals far outweigh the struggle of reaching them. In short it can be said that modeling is highly competitive and short lived career or even a model is too old at the age of 24. In brief, Modeling can certainly be a rewarding experience in many ways. As long as you avoid the darker side to this profession and insist on putting your personal values first (before profit) then you can enjoy quite an interesting career path. It is a job where the hard work pays. Models should have the patience for long hours of work, jet lag, heavy makeup, weird haircuts and standing forever in awkward poses. In this field, it's really hard to make a living as there is only a handful of supermodels in the world who make good living off what they do. ...read more.

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