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Prose Coursework

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Prose Course work Mohamed Idris Analyze how the Holmes Stories can be seen as a successful Victorian detective fiction. London being the most powerful city of its vast British empire had become the central point of the world. In the Victorian period, Britain owned the majority of the world and science was taking major jumps in history with discoveries, inventions and theories, for example the Darwin theory of evolution and the inventions of much revolutionary technology, such as the light bulb, the telephone etc. London was filled with life; it was a city where gas powered lamps lit the squalid streets covered with eerie shadows. Carriages clattered day and night delivering the rich and wealthy, but London was slowly deteriorating through wicked serial murders, drug misuse and frightened prostitutes. The city was famous for poverty: people who were stricken by ill health, cramped living conditions and high risk of sewerage water contamination. ...read more.


He was a detective able to solve every mystery; he seemed to be a superhero always seeking justice to overcome evil. This fantasy became such a reality that when it's creator tried to kill him off in 1893, many fans protested and even the author received death threats warning him to keep them supplied with the drug that feed their addiction for Holmes. This super sleuth had become famous in every province of the world. Many films, TV production, websites, museums and even organizations of secret police based in Eastern Europe were dedicated to him. Conan Doyle based his idea for Holmes on the traditional guide, but devised and invented the use of the scientific approach to solving mystery: observation, analysis of data observed, formation of theory based only on the facts. The traditional detective story is based on sudden adventitious circumstances; Doyle believed these circumstances didn't occur in reality. ...read more.


and the impression on the chair which had feet impression that was directly under the vent, these deduction prove Holmes superhuman ability and why he became so successful. Dr. Watson is the story teller, his relationship with Holmes seems to be strict controlling and ordered towards Dr. Watson but during their breaks Holmes becomes joyful and friendly towards Dr. Watson, for example; -In the Red Headed League Holmes tells Dr. Watson to leave him for 50 minutes to smoke his pipe and think, this order show Holmes superior over Dr. Watson. During many cases Dr. Watson seem to be the plot device as he develops the plot. The Speckled band is mystery where Holmes faces Dr. Roylett, throughout this story a lot of tension is built. Holmes conversation with Helen Stoner is calmer as Holmes gives her sympathy; here Holmes is presented as her knight in shining armor. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Sherlock Holmes Coursework ...read more.

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