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Prose study comparison of 3 19th century Ghost stories.

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Nick Phillips Prose study comparison of 3 19th century Ghost stories, coursework essay I am going to compare the differences between "Napoleon and the spectre" by Charlotte Bronte, "The Red Room" by H G Wells and "The Signalman" by Charles Dickens. Each of these short ghost stories was written in the 19th century, Ghost stories were very popular in the Victorian era. The Victorian era was a weird time as they encourage the gothic and churches where they did sacraments. They gathered in congregational meetings to do such things. The outsides of churches also were because they thought it was right to encourage the gothic scene because a lot of believe in those days of spirits. "The Red Room" is about a typical gothic ghost story about a young educated man "the narrator" in a castle and with three weird people there are: a man with a withered arm, an old women and the man with the shade. The young man is confidant he feels not to be frightened but that changes nearer the end of the story. "The signalman#" is about the man who ensures safety on a section of railway line in a deep railway cutting during the 19th century. The signals are controlled by sending telegraph signals up and down the line and gets to the operator by a system of bells. ...read more.


The old women keeps repeating herself "this night of all nights" also as if she was warning him of something the atmosphere feels eerie and scary as you don't know why this night is worse than other nights. Wells uses literary techniques such as short clauses and good word choice to build up tension e.g. "more bent, more wrinkled". As the reader finds out what happened on the night it creates suspense. The man with the shade is very ere I think. Each of the three people are named as a phrase e.g. "The old women", but I feel calling them these names make them feel ominous as if they are not real and a sense of terror is increased. The man with the shade is described as such " his lower lip, half averted, hung pale and pink from his decaying yellow teeth this description fills us with discus. The three people make him nervous when it says, "the three of them made me feel uncomfortable," also he feels like they are inhuman and hideous. "The spectre in "Napoleon" is physically described: "the countenance was livid; the tongue protruded from between the teeth, and the eyes all glazed and bloodshot started with frightful prominence from their sockets." This gives the reader a chance to imagine the spectre and to understand the fear Napoleon has. ...read more.


the house in Napoleon And The Spectre however was posh indicating the wealth and owners status as you can expect for example when it says "three wax tapers, which burned in a silver branch", which indicates being rich and silver would cost a lot of money in the 19th century. I have learnt that the Victorian societies enjoyed gothic and believing in ghosts in those days I think that the stories that I have read would have been very scary horror stories not so scary now but for the 19th century they most have been involved into ghosts and eerie things. My favourite story is "The Red Room" This is because it is the scariest and uses words such as "inhuman", "hideous" and "grotesque". Also the story is scarier because its based on an eerie story about the scary people and the house is very supernatural. Napoleon and the spectre is the least favourite as its not scary and is more of a fantasy not so much a ghost story. And finally The Signalman is quite good the language is typical 19th century the sentence is very different compared to the sentence structure used today. Sentence structures in the 19th century being used in the story include "said I", that is very 19th century. "I said" is now most commonly used, " I shall" instead of " I will". The ghost stories of the 19th century are very good and I think in those days they would of being very scary. ...read more.

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