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Prose Study of 'Dracula'by Bram Stoker.

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Year 10 Prose Study Coursework Essay 'Dracula' by Bram Stoker. The novel 'Dracula' was one of the best-known horror stories in English literature. Bram Stoker first decided to write the novel after being influenced by other horror/ghost stories written in the late C19th. He started taking notes while on a holiday in Whitby on the 8th March 1890. He finished making notes in 1896 and published the book in 1897. The title 'Dracula' came from the word devil translated from the Wallachian language. Bram Stokers 'neck biting, blood sucking, ubiquitous' Count was the most popular anti-hero in the Western Culture. The novel was made to stand out; all the other horror novels did not develop their main character in quite the same depth, were as Bram Stoker's Dracula is a character to remember. He was a fully developed character, which was why it was so popular with the people. The novel was so popular that more than 250 films, novels and comics all got their inspiration from it. Dracula became a classic due to its narrative oppositions such as Good vs Evil, Science vs Superstition and purity vs uncleansliness. ...read more.


Dracula represents a number of themes and ideas. Firstly, he represents Good vs Evil (he represents the Evil). In chapter 11, Lucy Westenra wonders why 'all the powers of the devils' were against them. Here dramatic irony is created because Lucy seems to think that they are only having bad luck while the reader knows that Dracula is behind it all. Also the battle of Good vs Evil is shown in Chapter 22 when the plan to kill Dracula becomes personal and they ask that 'God will aid us to the end.' Here the characters are showing the reader a sense of doubt seeing as they are asking God to save them as if they are about to die. It is then represented as 'death' in Life vs Death. 'The curse of immortality; they cannot die.' Here Dracula threatens that he is immortal and no living creature would be able to kill him. Here he gives the reader a sense of fear for the characters in great danger. Dracula also represents the 'superstition' in Science vs Superstition. ...read more.


It would also help the reader to get a different point of view from each character. Van Helsing plays and important role in Dracula. Throughout out the novel the reader realises that represents Good. Van Helsing was an extraordinary scientist because unlike any other he was also able to adapt into the world of superstition without getting lost, therefore this helped in the pursuit of Dracula. The 'Old, Dutch professor' was the most threatening adversary to the Count because the Count knew that Van Helsing knew a lot about his past and how to get rid of him due to that fact that it was one of the myths going around when Van Helsing was younger. This also threatened the count because Van Helsing was a modern scientist with an understanding of superstition. Stoker's 'Dracula' gains a long lasting impression to all the readers because it dealt with issues of life, e.g. love and hatred. Also all of the descriptions and atmosphere adds to this. The fact that vampires are only a myth added to the many other books and programmes created. Evelyn Joseph 10M ...read more.

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