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Provide a detailed account of the development of Romeo throughout the play.

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Provide a Detailed Account of the Development of Romeo throughout the Play. The character Romeo is the leading male role in Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. He is son to the Veronese family of Montague who are at feud with the Capulet family of Verona. Romeo appears to develop a great deal through this play and this is one of the reasons Shakespeare is such a well-known and loved playwright. The fashion in which they developed meant that the characters evolved from just representing a single view of the time, to presenting many different views as a real person would. We first see Romeo's character in the first scene of the first act. Romeo is first introduced to us as a 'lovesick' teenager who is 'pining' after his unrequited love, Rosaline. The head of the Montague family, Romeo's father is worried due to his "heavy son's" recent behaviour. "Private in his chamber pens himself, shuts up his windows, locks fair daylight out". The exchange that follows gives the impression that Romeo is not a very mature or responsible person. "Ay me sad hours seem long". ...read more.


The chorus in act two scene one backs up this point as it mentions "Alike bewitch�d by the charm of looks". This suggests that Romeo and Juliet's 'love' for each other, is merely based upon appearance. I believe that in act two, scene two Romeo's character shows maturity and much the opposite from his complacency and immaturity of his infatuation for Rosaline. His language is very mature and he compares Juliet to the sun. "Arise fair sun and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief". This could be perceived as a metaphor for the moon being Romeo's 'love' for Rosaline being "killed" by Juliet, making Rosaline jealous. If this were the case it would show great development from Romeo's state of mind at the beginning of the play. The way Romeo controls himself whilst Juliet is unaware of his presence also indicates a development in his character. Instead of the passionate, full on love he had for Rosaline, Romeo chooses to admire Juliet from afar as opposed to making himself the centre of attention. Again when Romeo shows himself to Juliet the pace of the exchange quicken showing passion between the lovers yet the conversation is slower than at the masque. ...read more.


When Balthasar informs Romeo that he has seen Juliet dead, Romeo asks no questions and immediately makes his way to an apothecary where he buys "a dram of poison, such soon speeding gear" and then he proceeds to kill himself at Juliet's tomb. He does this against the advice he receives from Balthasar and without consulting his apparent good friend the Friar. This shows a lack of clear thinking and he allows himself to be 'caught up' in the moment. However this does show a great devotion to Juliet and it is a symbol of his love for her. It shows he is committed to her and that she is what he lived for. In this respect it shows a great maturity and a huge development from the character at the beginning of the play. In conclusion I believe that Romeo's character has developed a great deal throughout the play. In some respects the character does not develop but that is often proved wrong in different parts of the play. Shakespeare also uses Mercutio's character as a conformation part of the way through the play that Romeo has changed "now art thou Romeo: now art thou what thou art". ?? ?? ?? ?? Peter Mitchell English ...read more.

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