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Psychiatric Report on Miss Havisham

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PSYCHIATRIC REPORT BY DR. JOHN SMTIH on the case of MISS.HAVISHAM. I am a Doctor of Medicine of Oxford University, and for the past 25 years have worked as a specialist in psychiatry, psycho-analysis and general medical psychology. I am the author of various text books and research monographs on these subjects. I have acted as consultant to various Public Schools in cases of psychopathic children and adolescents suffering from disorders of behaviour and/or delinquent conduct. I base my conclusions on the following evidence: I have had detailed psychiatric interviews with the following people: Her Mother, Mrs. Kate Havisham Her Father, Mr. ...read more.


Abnormal and often perverted sexual behaviour. 4. Outbursts of excitement and violence. 5. A complete absence of social conscience and total insensitivity to the pain or injury caused to her family and friends. Psychiatric Conclusion Miss Havisham has exhibited throughout her life all the symptoms of psychopathy of a type which borders on the schizoid (psychotic) character and which under ordinary circumstances ends in compulsive delinquent and anti-social conduct. Indeed if she had been brought to a London Magistrate's Court within the last 15 years she would have been sent to a Delinquency Clinic for psychological examination and treatment. ...read more.


Simulation is a well known schizoid characteristic. No formal psychiatric examination could conclusively eliminate this element of simulation unless it were supported by a period of three months continuous observation in a psychiatric ward. And if she had been an ordinary delinquent this observation would have been carried out. Although, as I have pointed out, I have not been afforded the opportunity of a direct psychiatric examination, I maintain that there is no psychiatrist in this or any other country who would not, on hearing this medical history, agree that Miss Havisham is an outstanding case of mental disorder. JOHN SMITH (Signed) ...read more.

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