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Psychiatrist interviewing Heathcliff

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Wuthering Heights Interview Psychiatrist interviewing Heathcliff Psychiatrist: Hello, my name is Dr. Patel from the university of Bombay. I am here with a man whom has been to my surgery plenty of times to ask for advice and help, his name is Heathcliff. He is here to talk about his revenge on the people of Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. So lets ask him how all this began and turned out. Hello Heathcliff, how can I help you? Heathcliff: I feel like I need to take revenge on some people that have treated me wrongly in the past. How could I refrain from doing this? Psychiatrist: Well, before I can make a judgment why don't you tell me a bit more about yourself. Heathcliff: Well, this all goes back to my childhood. I was found wondering the streets of Liverpool by a man named Mr. Earnshaw. Mr. Earnshaw already had two children by the names of Hindley and Catherine. ...read more.


Eventually I found an advertisement for a job as a courier, so I accepted it. I had arrived at work only to find it was a drugs courier's job. I had made quite a high amount of cash when I thought I would play cards with some lads from a pub, I couldn't stop until I had won all their money and become rich. After this I arrived back in Wuthering Heights. Psychiatrist: Yes... after your return to Wuthering Heights what happened? Heathcliff: I married a young girl called Isabella Linton who was Edgar's sister. I didn't actually love this girl; I just married her so I could get revenge on her brother. She eventually ran away from me so when she had our child, Linton I went to retrieve him. Psychiatrist: Did you ever end up getting revenge on this... Hindley? Heathcliff: Actually I did, I thought if I could encourage the man's habits of drinking and gambling then I could break him down. ...read more.


Heathcliff: It's Catherine. Psychiatrist: Yes, yes I know. After your return you married a girl called... Heathcliff: Isabella. Psychiatrist: Thank you. You didn't actually love this girl; you just used her to get at Edgar. She fled from you and you retrieved your son from her. His name was...(In an excited, high pitched voice) Linton his name was Linton. Anyway, you forced your own son to marry, a young girl called... Heathcliff: Cathy. Psychiatrist: Yes and... Heathcliff: They were wed and I gained both Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange for myself. Later, on my son, Linton, tragically died. Then Cathy eventually discovered another man called Hareton. Psychiatrist: Yes thank you for that, well all I can say to you is to keep away from these people and those estates for another week, which is when I would like you to come back. You can make an appointment with my secretary outside. Ok? Heathcliff: (angrily) Well actually no, I... Psychiatrist: Well see you next week then bye. Heathcliff: (huffing and puffing) Yes, thank for your time. Psychiatrist: No problem. Heathcliff: Bye. Psychiatrist: Bye then. ...read more.

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