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Psycho Film Review, Alfred Hitchcocks most legendary creation, the mother of all thrillers, Psycho.

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We all go a little mad sometimes... Alfred Hitchcock's most legendary creation, the mother of all thrillers, Psycho. If you like to immerse your toe in the cold water of dread, Psycho is bound to keep you frozen with fear at the edge of your seat! Jam packed with Hollywood's Janet Leigh, Anthony Perkins, John Gavin and Vera Miles this psychological thriller will leave you in a climax of terror. Based on Robert Bloch's amazing novel and American murderer Ed Gein, Psycho is in actual fact one of the most phenomenal thrillers of all time. Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), an office worker from Phoenix sets about stealing $40,000 from a wealthy customer after being asked to bank it. ...read more.


Being then asked to accompany him for dinner Marion gets to witness the sweet and innocent side of Norman, but is it all just an illusion? Well she's about to find out... The character of the occasionally charming Norman Bates is probably the most memorable of Anthony Perkin's acting career, and he approaches it perfectly. Janet Leigh, the films heroine does an exceptional job and in the early scenes although not dealing with the aspects of a thriller she manages to come alive and thanks to her, the audience is left with an eerie feeling of suspense. Alfred Hitchcock completely outdid himself to create this masterpiece, the use of his tremendous director techniques (now used by almost all directors out there), leaves us in anticipation from the start of the film. ...read more.


Featuring the first flushing toilet, an afternoon affair and a woman appearing in lingerie repeatedly, Psycho completely followed its own path and changed the filming industry into the one we know today. Its clever use of motifs such as birds, reflections and money make it a true marvel. Portraying voyeurism and paranoia Bernard Herrmann's perfect score set the mood in a mere 2 minutes accompanied by Saul Bass's remarkable title designing skills in the opening credits. Although filmed in black and white, and done so by Alfred Hitchcock because of a low budget it also adds to the gloomy evocative mood of the film. Psycho created a whirl of emotions in audiences in 1960 and surprisingly still holds its ground today. A classic yet spine-chilling thriller, that passed the test of time. It owes up to its name and it's a movie you will remember for eternity. ...read more.

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