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Pupil School - The whole building seemed to moan in pain as the merciless wind battered it's crumbling walls.

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Pupil School The whole building seemed to moan in pain as the merciless wind battered it's crumbling walls. The Hayes boarding school had just called lights out. Mr Branston, the head teacher, doddered down the corridor at a snails pace rattling his cane across every radiator he walked past in an attempt to intimidate the students. He was making sure the dormitories were locked down and secure, but he was too drunk to check any locks properly. So he stumbled blindly back to his office to finish off the whiskey. As the rattling faded and finally ceased small lights could be seen through the dusty cobwebbed windows of the dormitories and the murmuring of whispered speech could be heard through the thin walls. Word had gone round school through word of mouth and notes passed in class that Norris had organised a meeting in the gym that very night. So as the school fell silent the children crept to the gym where Norris, or Gregory Norris as he was known to the teachers, stood waiting on the stage. ...read more.


" We have been through troubled times at the hands of our so-called teachers. " For years they have put across contradicting ideas and unproven theories and if we dare to question them we are punished with inhuman ferocity. " Detention, isn't that another form of captivity? Litter duty isn't that just forced labour? I, for one am sick of being oppressed, unnecessarily punished and generally treated as a lower form of life! We must unite and fight for our cause!" Just by looking at him the students could tell this was an emotional moment for Norris. His eyes shone as he spoke and he let his voice boom out across the silent gym as if it was magically amplified. " I fear that my time at this school is coming to an end, so I stand here to share with you an idea, a idea that could change your lives for the better! ...read more.


They throw away our rights Our figureheads Are not what they seem. Through out history Schools taken out our fun No lines or detentions For their crimes they'll pay. For our new future There will be no sin Our work we'll throw in the dustbin We're the poison in the learning machine We're the future your future. Students will fall But we will pick them up We will do this We'll save. As the last few notes bounced off the walls, the students stood in amazement. Norris stood tall on the stage with beads of sweat trickling down his face. As the hall fell quiet again a drunken shout could be heard from down the corridor. As if by clockwork the students shifted everything back to its original place and crept out of the hall their heads buzzing with ideas. As Mr Branston burst through the hall doors, his cane held out like a sabre all he could find was the faint smell of burning dust and the air strangely thick with excitement. ...read more.

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