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Purley Town.

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Purley Town Purley and the surrounding areas of Woodcote, Coulsdon, Old Coulsdon, Kenley and Sanderstead lie to the south of Croydon, London's largest borough. Purley grew as a result of being on the main road between Brighton and central London. The area grew rapidly in the 1920s and 1930s providing spacious homes in tree-lined roads. The private residential Webb Estate is a designated conservation area and boasts a number of famous residents. The area offers excellent road and rail links. The M25 and M23 link with Gatwick Airport and the south coast. The A23, A235 and A22 are the main arterial roads and the rail stations of Sanderstead, Purley and Kenley give excellent commuter rail links to central London and consequently, many people are now moving into Purley. ...read more.


Trains run from Purley to London as frequent as every 10 minutes during work hours, which makes travelling for businessmen as easy as possible. Purley also has a large variety of flats and apartments for both business people to move in or the elderly to settle down and enjoy the amity and pleasantness of Purley. Purley's shopping centre offers a wide variety of shops together with a major supermarket. Entertainment is provided with a selection of respected restaurants, pubs and a bowling alley. There are two private fitness clubs in Purley plus a public swimming pool. The Purley Way "out of town" shopping centre is within 10 minutes drive and affords large superstores including IKEA, numerous eateries and a large multi-screen cinema. ...read more.


Purley also has state schools which students can be educated over the years which will make it even more convenient for the residents of Purley. There are also many car parks for visitors to park with ease and carry on with their business. In between, they can have lunch from the many restaurants and caf�'s Purley has to offer. They can then get a train on bus home from the many links leading outbound from Purley. Students visiting England from abroad have also increased in popularity as Purley is becoming more and more developed. This makes Purley really convenient for them to cover their course or to visit all the amazing attractions London has to offer with ease. These are all few of many reasons why Purley is suitable to investigate and find out if the environment increases as you move away from the CBD. ...read more.

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