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Purpose of trailer?

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One purpose of the Scooby Doo trailer is of course, to advertise the exciting, thrilling film. It's meant to get you hooked to your screen like a fish to the rod. It shows you the main character, making you think 'I wish I was him!' What could the genre be? A crazy comedy? Horrifying horror? Or a sincere sci-fi? The comedy will make you laugh your self till you're on the floor screaming for mercy. Whereas the sci-fi and horror will have you gripping your pillowcase, screaming and cheering at all the exhilarating points. The silhouettes are thunderous lights, making you feel timid. They create monstrous shapes and forms. The full moon even makes you think that Scooby Doo is Batman! The camera shots are low on Batman to make him look big and heroic, just like when the camera is gliding through the haunted house like a spirit, is staying low to make you feel small. ...read more.


I'm sure this even works for adults. I mean, I'm sure that not everyone can resist the temptation of watching the spooky trailer all the way to the end. One reason for this is the intense musical back round and the eerie sound affects such s the fluttering black bats and the creaking window. There is also a scary voice over by a mysterious man. You feel like you can't ignore it. The camera movements in the trailer mislead you greatly. They twist your mind into thinking you are a floating, stalking spirit hunting something down, but are you really? Well that is one thing you shall never know. The camera is set at a very low angle wondering through the corridor making you feel small. ...read more.


I believe that the real overall target audience is 10-13 year olds. This is because the trailer isn't too scary or silly for them. The trailer could have made them laugh out loud with the surprising ending. I would think that at the point where the CD scratches the audience will have discovered that the film isn't really a horror. This is where I realised it was a comedy. Personally the trailer totally mislead me now that I look back on it. I'm sure I feel the same about the trailer as most other people would have...'confused, amused and kind of disappointed.' The reason I felt slightly disappointed was because when I saw Scooby-Doo's face I was like 'Oh, it's only Scooby-Doo?' But that feeling soon went and I found it funny. So, overall I think that the purpose of the Scooby-Doo trailer is to get the audience hooked and gaping to see the film. The trailer done this to me. What about you? ...read more.

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