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Pursuit of The American Dream

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Pursuit of The American Dream The "American Dream" originated in the simple quest for happiness and the pursuit of religious freedom, which brought the Pilgrims to the New World. Eventually, what was once only a source of hope for a few, was transformed into a reality for many with the Declaration of Independance. For, it was this profound document which has shaped our nation, as well as the lives of all who have had the privelege of reaping its' benefits. The dreams of Americans have continuously changed to reflect the ever changing views and expectations of society and the American public at large. However, "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", are the famous words that nearly every American is taught at an early age, and reveres to be the core belief behind our great country. ...read more.


Scott Hamilton, a National, World, and Olympic medalist agrees, "The American Dream right now is getting a little bit muddled. It seems to be caught up in materialism. Success is now money. Success is now power and position"(Scott Hamilton 6). Going further, Olympic figure skater, Scott Hamilton depicts what the American Dream means to him, "I think the American Dream is that you can do whatever you want with your life. You can pave your own path, you can do whatever you want, and you're free to do that"(Scott Hamilton 4) Fulfullment of the American Dream varies with each individual's unique system of values. The values possesed by each person will essentially define how they go about reaching their goals, and what they hold to be most important in life. ...read more.


Clearly, Scott Hamilton and I shared simmiliar experiences as children while our parents instilled in us an eagerness to "always do our very best", and "never settle for less." (Scott Hamilton 2 ). Also growing up as a competitive figure skater, I too was impressed upon at a young age that no matter how impossible it may seem, always strive for perfection through dedication and determination. This seems to be a central idea in both Hamilton's and my idea of the American Dream. As Americans we have the luxury of "dreaming the impossible dream", with the hope and knowledge that it is in fact possible. The way in which each person equates sucess, or defines the American Dream varies according to their unique ambitions, values, and background. Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton shares many aspects of what the Ameican Dream means to me, while differing on others. However, we both embrace the idea that being an American means, with hard work and perseverance, our possibilities and opportunities are boundless.. ...read more.

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