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Pyromania. The cotton wool caught beautifully and made deep red flames that soon set the wooden casing of the girls toilets alight.

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Pyromania There was a heat wave hitting the southeast of England and I was seven years old, without a worry in the world. Every day I went to school and every day I had the same teacher, Mrs Burgess or "Mrs Burger Bum" as my friends and I called her. She was a fat and nasty woman in her mid forties. She wore thick glasses and had and evil smile which frightened me. Class was so boring; we were never aloud to speak with our friends because miss always became annoyed. I found myself feeling so down in her classes and I just wanted to leave and go to a play. Playtime, however was a complete contrast, we could do anything. The girls always used to play on the hard concrete with the skipping ropes playing games that never appealed to the boys. Instead the boys played tag and army games, hiding behind rocks and in mud trying to shoot our opponents. At the height of all our fun we were disrupted by the sound of Mrs Burger Bum ringing the school bell, telling us playtime was over and it was back to living hell under the supervision of Mrs Burger Bum. My main friends then were Ben, Jack, Dan and Joe. ...read more.


As Dan was trying to light it Mrs Burger Bum came around the corner, Ben and I rushed to the corner and performed a ridiculous, although unsuspicious act. Mrs Burger Bum strutted away without a second glance and Dan got back to work but this time the rest of us were on guard. The cotton wool caught beautifully and made deep red flames that soon set the wooden casing of the girls toilets alight. The worst thing suddenly happened - the bell went and Mrs Burger Bum came back to see the roaring flames, fortunately by this time we had scattered to the other side of the playground. Although I stood next to Mrs Burger Bum and let her know the school was on fire! This was to try and put the blame on someone else. Everyone was quickly rushed away from the blaze, while the teachers grabbed as many fire extinguishers as they could in a pitiful attempt to tackle the deadly blaze. The fire continued to spread, engulfing the whole of the toilets but within minutes of me informing Mrs Burger Bum the fire brigade arrived at the scene, yielding monstrous hoses, which extinguished the raging fire in minutes. The whole school the streamed into the main hall to find the head teacher, Mr Giddy. ...read more.


The caused Mr Giddy to drop his nasty act and instead appear very concerned. None of our parents seemed that cross, especially my mum she looked more worried and she never did tell me off. The parents each had long talks with Mr giddy and were shown the mess we had created. For the next six months of school our playtimes, our only relief at school from Mrs Burger Bum, were spent in Mr Giddy's office. We wrote letters of apology to the cleaners, the fire brigade, teachers, parents and the pupils. We had to read these letters out in assembly in front of the whole school, a cluster of angry parents and a representative from the fire brigade. This was painful but the most painful part was loosing all our fun. The six months passed slowly and really changed me as a person. I had time to think about what I'd done. Also to think about the way I behave in general and by the end of the six months I don't think Mr Giddy remembered why we were in detention. When we got out of our hibernation we had been turned into the most popular people in the school, everyone showed us tonnes of respect. That didn't matter to me though because I wasn't proud of what I did, and I still aren't. I don't think the others are either but it was an experience that changed all our lives for the better. ...read more.

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