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Question 2B Compare how the writers and designers of Items 1 and 2 aim to interest the reader by pictures and layouts. (8 marks)

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Question Four - How useful are these sources in helping you understand the way people in Barking and Dagenham responded to evacuation? I studied four sources to see how useful they were for showing how well Barking and Dagenham responded to evacuation. Source L was one of these four and it shows Fanshawe School lining up ready to be evacuated. There are many different points to this source that illustrate how useful it is for helping people of today understand what evacuation was like, but on the other hand there are also many points which demonstrate how it isn't useful. The reasons for me believing that this source is useful in today's world are because it shows the children's faces, so from their expressions you can obtain an idea of how they felt. Another suggestion that shows how useful this source is is that you can a responsible adult standing at the front, meaning that the whole process was ordered and easy, all the children are lined up against the wall so it shows he is in control. When you look at the other side of the argument though you can see how people think this is an un resourceful photograph. ...read more.


Something else that makes this source not useful is that you don't know how this picture has been used. Although it looks like it hasn't been posed, somebody could have got these children to look how they wanted them too and then used it in a newspaper for people to see it. Another reason for this not being useful is it only shows the start of the journey, you don't know what these children have been told or why they look how they do, they may have had a very bad experience when actually there. Overall this source is not very useful because it once again only shows children meaning people today can't see how the adult community felt about evacuation showing that you can't understand the way the people of Barking and Dagenham responded to evacuation. The next source that I looked at was source N which is a personal account of a child who was evacuated. The useful things about it are that it is actually a personal account meaning that this is the experience that she has gone through and all the feeling that are recorded have been lived through. ...read more.


could meant they wanted to make everything seem as if it was good and that they had complete control when what they had recalled was nothing to do with what had happened. Lastly because it was written after the war it doesn't matter what they say as it has already been won and this could lead them to have a selective memory and once again this is about the children and how they felt. Overall when all the sources are look at together, they can be seen to be not very useful. They all show some things that are but nothing is shown about the adults or parents who were also in the community meaning we don't know how Barking and Dagenham responded to evacuation. Many different connections can be made between each of these that I have looked at, some of them are: both source N and O are written and they are both about the children. They both show feelings although one seem more realistic than the other. Sources L and M also have connections they both show children and they are both at the beginnings of a journey, they also show emotions which are in the other two too. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lauren Slyman ...read more.

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