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Questions from Plato’s Symposium.

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Questions from Plato's Symposium. 1. Explain Ignorance, Right Opinion, Understanding, Knowledge Ignorance: To be ignorant is to think you are good enough and therefore not seek and not desire that what you are in need of or lacking. Right Opinion: A right opinion is between knowledge and ignorance and requires a reason for your opinion. Understanding: To have a right opinion and to be able to give a reason for it. Knowledge: The accumulation of understanding and having right opinions without being ignorant. 2. Explain "Love is a love not for the beautiful, it is for begetting and birth in the beautiful." Love in its general sense is all the desire for good things and for happiness. Those who seek one kind of love and are earnest about it are said to love and to be lovers. People in love are seeking their other half and are seeking to always have the good. Therefore love is love of having the good for oneself always. The pursuit of love is to say that love is breeding in the beautiful in both body and soul. Pregnant men when they are of the right age have the natural desire to beget in a beautiful thing only, never an ugly thing. ...read more.


This explanation from Diotima puzzles Socrates. He asks her to describe who the philosophers are since those who seek after wisdom are neither wise nor the ignorant. Diotima replies that a philosopher is between the two, like love. Wisdom itself is one of the most beautiful things, and since Love is a love for the beautiful, it follows that Love must be a philosopher himself. Love and the philosopher receive their traits from a resourceful and wise father and a resource less and unwise mother they are between the two realms of wisdom and ignorance. 8. Explain the 2x2 square. T S Diotima Socrates Socrates Agathon This table represents a mean analogy (A:B::B:C) between the people Diotima, Socrates and Agathon. Their teacher/student relationships are shown. The mean analogy states that Diotima was the teacher of Socrates and that Socrates was the teacher of Agathon. 9. Explain "...he loves what he lacks and has not..." Love is the love for something and desires the object of its love. The desiring desires what it lacks and does not desire what it already has. Those who say for example "I am healthy and want to be healthy" or "I desire what I have" wish to have what they have at the present in the future. ...read more.


Both Aristophanes and Agathon did not want to agree to this because they in fact were not skilled poets even in their supposed strengths. Agathon, who had just won a prize for a tragedy play, had a speech of failed attempts at being funny. Agathon also failed to speak to his original attempt at praising Love He was bad at creating both a tragic or humorous speech. Aristophanes, who was renowned for being a comedic writer, had a speech with no humor in it. Socrates made them admit their own flaws in their abilities. 14. Explain the role of the two metaphors in Alcibeade's speech The silerns The manyas 15. Compare the description of Diotima with the qualities assigned to the arts that pass through the intermediary of love. Socrates described Diotima in a few brief details. Diotima was wise in many manners and was known for helping the Athenians perform sacrifices, which held back a plague for ten years. Diotima has qualities in common with the arts that pass through the intermediary of love. Through the intermediary of love pass all the arts of divination, and the arts of priests and all concerned with sacrifices, mysteries, incantations, sorcery and witchcraft. Since Diotima has the qualities involved with sacrifices, priests and sorcery she is made as a personification of love and therefore becomes a symbol of love as an intermediary. ...read more.

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