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Questions on "After The Bombs", Oliver runs the Goradze operation for the charity Feed the Children with his wife

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Matt Saturday 29th September 2012 Shaw 2nde B Anglophone Questions ? After The Bombs Question n*1: The first reason that it was surprising that the old woman survived the winter was that she was living in a tiny, damp and filthy cellar, these living conditions are horrific, even more so in winter. The second reason is the lack of material, she was equipped with a little wood-stove and a waterless sink along with no light and nowhere to sit, making it very hard to get through the bitter winter. Question n*2: My first reason for explaining why the buildings were damaged is war damage; the buildings were blown up with dynamite or burnt out. A second reason was that other homes had been shell-holed, completing destroying the homes of many people. Question n*3: Oliver Burch moved to the small country of Bosnia from Britain as a volunteer. ...read more.


tables, stools and storage units for the next contents that arrive, the woman live of what they receive, they rely on what is donated to them. ?? these poor woman who have been living like this, some of them, for four years.? Most of the women in Gorazde live in centres, which use to be ex-hotels, schools and blocks of flats, all of them very cramped and dirty. The women had to stay with all their family in a single room, causing horrible hygienic conditions. ?? they welcomed us with smiles, strong, freshly ground black coffee and something to eat; they posed willingly for photos.? This sentence shows how much the women loved company; they take much more pleasure from the visits than from the food and blankets. The most important thing for them was to be in among other people. Question n*5: Oliver faces many difficulties by not being able to deliver the food himself, however the key to this question is trust. ...read more.


He insures that all of his patients don?t feel lonely and tries to get involved as much as possible. Question n*8: If I had gone to Gorazde with the author I think my two chief memories would have been meeting the old woman in the cellar as I have never and hopefully will never have to experience those living conditions, it would give me an idea of what the world can be like in bad situations. I would have offered to help the old woman by trying to contact the local services to find her a new place to live. The next memory would be living with Oliver for a day to see how his life is, a volunteer in such disastrous conditions demands a lot of courage and generosity, he sounds like a very loyal man. I would like to meet him to ask him what made him want to move to a poor country like Bosnia, what was his inspiration. ...read more.

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